Under the Tents: Gecco Corp, IDW, Mezco, Crazy Cat Collectibles, Terry Moore, Nan Hockin

It’s almost June — which means it’s almost time we can say that San Diego Comic-Con is “next month”. But we’re not quite there yet, so you’ve got even more time to catch up on all the latest updates on exclusives, cool Cobra Kai patch giveaways, panels, and more.

Here’s a look at the news you might have missed:

  • Gecco Corp. is heading to San Diego Comic-Con with an exclusive Dark Souls Crystal Lizard 1/6 Scale Light-Up Statue, based on the character from the RPG. It will retail for $35, and you can grab it at Booth #4931.

  • Artist Robert Tsai showed off a new handmade toy heading to Comic-Con, called “Dog Paw Paw” — which you can grab at Booth #1502.


  • Artist and cartoonist Terry Moore has been busy prepping for SDCC 2019, by sketching inside some hardcovers which will be available at Comic-Con.





  • It’s not an edition of “Under the Tents” without a new Patrick Ballesteros mini-original — and today’s edition sees The Night King riding atop his icy Viserion. You can grab it at Artists Alley DD-08 — look out for the schedule closer to the con.

  • Looking for a commission from comics artists Mike McKone at San Diego Comic-Con? DM him on Twitter for details to get on his pre-convention list.

  • Want panel news? We’ve got it! World of Warcraft voice actor Carlos Larkin revealed that he will be on a panel at this year’s convention. Will it be for WoW or something else? Stay tuned!


  • In more detailed panel news, you can catch How to Make a Movie in a Weekend as part of the Comic-Con International Independent Film Festival. The panel will feature Athena Mathews, Fernando Jay Huerto, Ryan Kelly, and more.
  • If you loved NECA’s The Karate Kid SDCC exclusive, then you’re definitely going to want to swing by IDW’s booth to grab one of these nifty Cobra Kai patches. IDW President Chris Ryall confirmed they’ll be giving them away at the con.

  • If you are looking for Christine Knopp, the creator of Purrmaids, at SDCC this year you may need to double check the location. She confirmed she’ll be at the con, but has moved a row overs.

  • Exclusives news has been coming fast and furious, but there’s plenty more where that came from. Crazy Cat Collectibles teased that they’ll have lots to announce soon.


  • There’s still a few days left of Mer-May, which means Nan Hockin is just in time to show off these adorable mermaid prints (and others!) heading to the con. Princess Leia definitely makes the ultimate mermaid.


Anything we missed? Let us know in the comments, drop us a line, or tweet us at @SD_Comic_Con.

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