Under the Tents: SherlockeDCC, J. Michael Straczynski, Crunchyroll, Storm Collectibles, Yesterdays, Dan Veesenmeyer

Marvel may be officially lifting the unofficial spoiler embargo for Avengers: Endgame today, but you won’t find any in this edition of Under the Tents. Instead, you’ll find great SDCC news from J. Michael Straczynski, Dan Veesenmeyer, Ninjabot, Crunchyroll, and a lot more. We promise we won’t mention anything about Thor’s “dad-bod.”

Here’s a look at what you might have missed:

  • LEGO artist Dan Veesenmeyer took to Twitter to reveal his first print for SDCC 2019: a LEGO minifigure rendition of Kingdom Hearts 3‘s SORA.

  • The International Animated Film Society, ASIFA-Hollywood, announced via their Events site that they will be returning to SDCC 2019. They’re still planning all their awesome Comic-Con themed events, but they’re encouraging everyone to stop by Booth #1534 and say hello.

  • If you’re a fan of author/comic writer Cavan Scott, you’ll be happy to see he also has SDCC 2019 on his Events site.
Cavan Scott
  • Brett Stanley, the Underwater Photographer, has a unique offer for SDCC cosplayers. He’s offering underwater photoshoots during SDCC and is inviting interested cosplayers to book a session via his website.
  • The brilliant mind behind Robots and Donuts, Eric Joyner, is also making the trek from his San Francisco home to SDCC this year. He hasn’t announced anything beyond that, but we hope he brings his awesome art and merch with him.

  • Manga and anime streaming site Crunchyroll will also be at SDCC 2019, hopefully bringing some of their exclusive merch, free swag, and panelists.

  • One of our good friends, Arnel Baluyot (better known as Ninjabot), took one of his favorite Spider-Man sketches and made it into a patch he’ll be bringing with him to SDCC. Stop by Table #L-08 in Small Press to grab one.

  • BroadSword Comics will also be back at SDCC this year at Booth #1715 and would love it if you visited their booth.


  • Prolific creator Rob Potchak is expecting his July to be an eventful month for him. According to his Twitter feed, he’ll have his X-Liefelds, Junior High Horrors, Spotlight, and an SDCC-exclusive Dead Sonja with him at Booth #2635.

  • Fatality! Storm Collectibles debuted their newest SAGAT action figure from Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers on their Twitter feed. It will be released in August, 2019, but SDCC attendees can get it first at the con.

  • If Yesterdays is one of your favorite stops at SDCC, they’re going to have something extra special this year. According to their excited Twitter feed, they’re collaborating with comics writer Donny Cates to come up with some “dope pins” for Comic-Con.

  • We hate being the bearers of bad news. DC artist Doc Shaner responded to an anxious fan that SDCC 2019 is not currently on his schedule.

  • Artist Cara McGee will be at SDCC this year and has opened her commissions. You can find her prices in her tweet below. Shoot her an email at [email protected] to claim your spot.

  • Artist Shelly Rodriguez is bringing her adorable inki-Drop merch back to SDCC this year, including “Jellyblub.” Sure, she’s cute and all, but no one is cuter than Starwhal.

  • It’s fun to watch writers fanboy/fangirl over each other on Twitter like the rest of us, sometimes. That’s exactly what Erin Morgenstern and Adam Christopher were doing when they revealed they will both be at SDCC this year. I hope they do finally get to meet each other in person.

  • If you’ve been attending SDCC for a few years, you may remember the Baker Street Babes’ SherlockeDCC. They recently tweeted a teaser that implies they could be bringing it back again this year. Last year, it was re-born from a party into a scavenger hunt — but no word yet on what 2019’s iteration will look like.

  • Writer/producer J. Michael Straczynski confirmed via Twitter that his latest work, Becoming Superman, will be available at SDCC at Mysterious Galaxy Bookstore’s booth before its worldwide release.

  • Fantasy/children’s artist Jessica Chrysler is very excited to be exhibiting her work in Artists’ Alley for the first time. Visit her at Table #CC-12 and give her a warm welcome by checking out her amazing work.

Anything we missed? Anyone you’re particularly excited to see this year? Let us know in the comments, drop us a line, or tweet us at @SD_Comic_Con.


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