Tenth (and “Final”) Wave of Special Guests for San Diego Comic-Con Announced

Welcome to the second Monday in June. There are roughly 37(!) days and 8 hours until SDCC 2019 (GAH!). But that’s just numbers and statistics. You want to know who’s going to be there, and we’re here to help. Comic-Con International announced their “alumni” special guests you’ll see at SDCC 2019.

From the Toucan Blog, here’s the tenth and “final” wave of Special Guests headed to SDCC 2019:

  • Barry Alfonso • Former Comic-Con publicity director
  • Wendy All • Former Comic-Con volunteer
  • Maeheah Alzmann  • Former Comic-Con committee member, 1975–1986
  • Richard Butner  • Former Comic-Con chairman, committee member, 1973–1982
  • David Clark • Comic-Con founding committee member
  • Roger Freedman • Comic-Con founding committee member
  • Lawrence Geeck • Former Comic-Con board member, executive VP and president
  • Gene Henderson • Former Comic-Con VP and board member
  • Beth Holley • Former Comic-Con VP, publicity and publications; VP, exhibits
  • William R. Lund • Comic-Con founding committee member
  • Mike Pasqua • Former Comic-Con program coordinator and executive VP
  • John Pound • Comic-Con founding committee member; artist, Garbage Pail Kids
  • David Scroggy • Former Comic Book Expo director; head of product development at Dark Horse Comics
  • Scott Shaw! • Comic-Con founding committee member; cartoonist, comic historian, Captain Carrot, Oddball Comics
  • Barry Short • Former Comic-Con assistant executive president
  • Mark Stadler • Former Comic-Con VP
  • Brinke Stevens • Former Comic-Con volunteer; actress, author, director, Brinke of Destruction
  • Janet Tait • Former Comic-Con VP, events
  • Mike Towry • Comic-Con founding committee member, 1972 co-chair

Special guests typically receive a special “Spotlight” panel during the convention, so attendees have a chance to hear their favorite authors and artists speak live.

According to CCI, this is the last wave of special guests, but there are often last-minute announcements, so we’ll wait and see. You can also catch up on tons of other things and people who will be at San Diego Comic-Con in our Under the Tents updates.

Are you excited about these guests? Let us know in the comments.

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