‘Batwoman’ and ‘Pennyworth’ Will Unlock Your Comic-Con Experience (Or At Least Your Hotel Room)

San Diego Comic-Con this year is about a lot of anniversaries, but in particular, two: Comic-Con International’s 50th, and Batman’s 80th. So it’s fitting that this year, Warner Bros. Television Group is combining the two, with this year’s collectible keycards.

The 2019 WBTV keycards will feature the upcoming CW series Batwoman and the EPIX original series Pennyworth as the official hotel keycards. More than 40,000 branded room keys will be available at nearly 40 participating hotels throughout the Comic-Con area, so that DC can truly “unlock” your Comic-Con experience.

Additionally, HBO will also release an exclusive Watchmen keycard, which will be available to fans at San Diego Comic-Con.

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