BBC America San Diego Comic-Con 2019 Exclusives, Signings, & More

Doctor Who may not have a panel this year, but that doesn’t mean that BBC America doesn’t have big plans for the convention this year — with exclusives, a virtual reality experience, signings, and more.

Attendees traveling through space and time can find BBC America at Both #4129, where they’ll find Doctor Who: The Edge of Time VR Experience. You’ll help the Doctor save the universe in this new, feature-length VR experience, as you’re transported into a world of monsters, aliens, mystery, and wonder alongside the 13th Doctor.

The booth will also be home to signings with artist Kelly Yates and Richard Dinnick, on Thursday, July 18 and Saturday, July 20 from 2PM-3PM each day.

They’ll also have a slew of Comic-Con exclusives and first to market items.

Comic-Con Exclusives

Funko POP! Figurine: Pting (Retail: $15.00)

3” Thirteenth Doctor TITAN Figurine (Retail: $10.00)

3” Thirteenth Doctor & Materializing TARDIS Kawaii Figurine (Retail: $20.00)

Team TARDIS Hoodie (Retail: $50.00)

Thirteenth Doctor and TARDIS Kawaii T-Shirt (Retail: $25.00)

TARDIS Rainbow Galaxy T-Shirt (Retail: $25.00)

Team TARDIS Kawaii Mug (Retail: $15.00)

Blue TARDIS Tumbler (Retail: $20.00)

Rainbow Fleece Pullover (Retail: $45.00) – BBC Shop exclusive

POLICE BOX Pants (Retail: $45.00) – BBC Shop exclusive


This year’s Fan Art Contst winner and runner-ups will also have several t-shirt designs, revealed at the convention.

Fan Art T-Shirt: Winner Design (Retail: $25.00)

Fan Art T-Shirt: Runner-Up Design 1 (Retail: $25.00)

Fan Art T-Shirt: Runner-Up Design 2 (Retail: $25.00)

Fan Art T-Shirt: Runner-Up Design 3 (Retail: $25.00)

Fan Art T-Shirt: Runner-Up Design 4 (Retail: $25.00)

Noodle Bowl with Chopsticks (Retail: $10.00)

Thirteenth Doctor and TARDIS Enamel Pin Set (Retail: $15.00)

Pting Enamel Pin (Retail: $5.00)

TARDIS and Dalek Steampunk Tattoos (Retail: $5.00)

Thirteenth Doctor Costume Mini Backpack (Retail: $65.00)

Thirteenth Doctor Costume Wallet (Retail: $35.00)

Dalek/ Angel Crystal Carvings – $120

TARDIS Crystal Keychain – $15

Crystal Carvings Moment – $30



Brilliant / Iridescent Logo Mug – $10 each

TARDIS Crystal Carving – $100

Companion Figurine Sets – $35

Doctor Who Pez – $8

Titan Blind Box Figurines – $10

TARDIS Puffy Keychain – $10

Rainbow Paint TARDIS T-Shirt – $25

The Missy Chronicles – $15

Myths and Legends – $15

Thirteenth Doctor Sonic Screwdriver – $30

Thirteenth Doctor Ear Cuff – $150

TARDIS Stars Necklace – $20

TARDIS Stars Earrings – $15

TARDIS Bracelet – $15

Funko TARDIS Keychain – $8

Blind Box Keychains – $8

Doctor Who Sock Set – $15

Doctor Who Slippers – $15

TARDIS Socks – $10

Dr. Books – $6

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