Signs of San Diego Comic-Con 2019 Appear in the Gaslamp [UPDATE July 15 – #7]

San Diego Comic-Con 2019 is almost upon us, and we’ve got your first look at construction and setup in the area.

[UPDATE July 15 – #7]

Adult Swim is already looking like a fun time.

The FX Fearless Forum is plugging right along.

And Detective Pikachu is large and in charge.

[UPDATE July 15 – #6]

The wrap on the Omni is just about complete now, and looking very fresh and fun.

As you can see, the Brooklyn Nine-Nine offsite has also come a long way. The Statue of Liberty is sporting some shades in the San Diego heat.

Over at Comedy Central, several of the South Park characters are now out and about, as setup continues.

Looks like the Stranger Things San Diego MTS trolley station is back, just outside the Convention Center. All aboard the trolley to Hawkins, Indiana!

Behind the Marriott, the Gundam 40th Anniversary banner is looking very spiffy.

There’s also a wrap for The Boys on the Marriott.

Setup has also started on the Dragon Ball World Adventure, with some of the characters and displays now out.

[UPDATE July 15 – #5]

Meanwhile, Snoopy is ready for lift-off as the Peanuts Pop-Up Shop takes up residence in the Gaslamp.

[UPDATE July 15 – #4]

Are you ready to play some mini-golf with Comedy Central and South Park? Because it’s almost ready for you.

[UPDATE July 15 – #3]

Elsewhere in the Gaslamp, the signage near the Gaslamp sign for Amazon’s The Boys is all but complete. It’s got a real street art feel to it, and we dig it.

[UPDATE July 15 – #2]

The Tin Fish has been transformed, into the NBC Comedy Café, which celebrates not just current NBC sitcoms like Brooklyn Nine-Nine and The Good Place, but also classic series like Friends and Seinfield.

The Brooklyn Nine-Nine activation next door has also come a long way — and also now includes a giant Statue of Liberty.

We were able to catch the statue being put into place:

The Hard Rock has also gotten a makeover, with outside branding for The Good Place and Superstore. Inside, the Superstore Cloud 9, where you’ll find a “customer service” desk which will host exclusive NBC comedy TV series giveaways, while supplies last.

Elsewhere in the Hard Rock Hotel, maryjane’s is being transformed into the Interdimensional Hole of Pancakes for The Good Place.

Near the Omni, the “Chilladelphia” Winter Carnival for the Shazam! activation is looking pretty put together.


[UPDATE July 15]

Batwoman signage has appeared downtown over the weekend (and we hear she has a branded bench… somewhere!):

Over at the FOX Fun Fair, some banners have gone up for The Simpsons and some of your other favorite FOX Animation Domination series. There’a also been some additional signage and structured put up, as it readies for Comic-Con crowds.

A little closer to the convention center, DeadQuarters is coming together — with signage and structures already up and looking appropriately scary. The helicopter is looking pretty cool.

[UPDATE July 14]

With Zachary Levi yesterday confirming that he won’t be attending San Diego Comic-Con for the first time in 12 years, this is… probably not the Zac you were hoping for! But it still Zac — as part of the Shazam! setup by the Omni hotel.

There’s also a giant Pikachu being set up for the Detective Pikachu in the same area.

Over at NBC, the Brooklyn Nine-Nine signs are up.

[UPDATE July 13 – #4]

Near the Gaslamp sign, new signage and banners for Amazon’s The Boys are being put up.

[UPDATE July 13 – #3]

Behind the convention center, FX has started setup for this year’s Fearless Forum. As always, there will be several different areas for a wide variety of shows, including American Horror Story, What We Do in Shadows, and more.

[UPDATE July 13 – #2]

Has the line for Hall H started? No, not yet — but the tents are already up, so the Convention Center is preparing itself. For you!

[UPDATE July 13]

Setup has commenced for this year’s DeadQuarters offsite, and Parks and Cons got look. It appears that there’s some cool setpieces going in.

Over at NBC, setup has also started on the Tinfish area for Brooklyn Nine-Nine, with lots of buildings and platforms being put up, as well as signage to alert you that you are now in the Nine-Nine.

[UPDATE July 12 – #3]

The BAIT store in the Gaslamp (920 5th Ave) has a cool new look for San Diego Comic-Con 2019, in honor of Gundam’s 40th anniversary. Parks and Cons stopped by to get a look.

[UPDATE July 12 – #2]

Parks and Cons stopped by the Children’s Museum Park, where setup is starting on the FOX Fun Fair.

[UPDATE July 12]

Nine-Nine! Posters for Brooklyn Nine-Nine and The Good Place, as well as other NBC series, have gone up near the Tin Fish, as NBC prepares for the upcoming takeover.

[UPDATE July 10 #2]

Sweet Things, the smoothies and frozen yogurt store located on the ground floor at the Hilton Bayfront, is getting its windows painted for the con.

[UPDATE July 10]

Eagle-eyed Parks and Cons spotted some banners for the CW’s upcoming Batwoman series. These banners are located across from the San Diego Convention Center.

[UPDATE July 7]

Parks and Cons caught a glimpse of some banners near the Cheesecake Factory for Stan Lee’s Alliances: A Trick of Light, the upcoming offsite at K St & 4th Ave, where attendees will become co-pilots of a new universe in a series of reality-bending light and sound-driven experiences.

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