Steam Crow Wants You! Join the Ranks of the Monster Rangers at San Diego Comic-Con 2019

We wanted to spotlight of the more unique and original exhibitor booths at San Diego Comic-Con this year which is Steam Crow, who will be returning for its fourteenth year at the convention. Steam Crow designs, illustrates and creates astonishingly good monster goods and you’ll be able to snag some of their wares at SDCC at booth #4013. They will also be selling an SDCC exclusive Cargo Tiger Monster Express by guest artist Shannon Potratz. This exclusive print will retail for $40 and is limited to 25 pieces.

Steam Crow also has a group called Monster Rangers which is described as an “alt-scouting community that creates, camps, and imagines monsters. We have badges, missions, and host Monstro Camps for odd folks of all ages… from 1903!” This group can be found in various cities across the USA and is always openly welcoming to new members.

This is just a sample of some the Monster Ranger gear you can find at their booth along with their Steam Crow art, shirts, and more! Make sure to stop by booth #4013 and say hi!

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