The FX Fearless Forum Brought Laughs, Tattoos, and Terror to Fans at San Diego Comic-Con 2019

Continuing to one-up themselves each year, FX returned to the Hilton Bayfront lawn with an offsite activation called the FX Fearless Forum, which was open Thursday through Sunday afternoon during Comic-Con. Similar to previous years, the FX offsite provided larger attractions as well as several quick, drive-through activities, like a Mayans tattoo parlor, an Always Sunny in Philadelphia sunscreen zone, Archer O2 Station, and a pick-your-favorite-show hat creation studio.

After having your photo taken and receiving your fancy new RFID card, you were able to wander the offsite and select which activity to visit. The two main attractions were the What We Do In the Shadows lair, and the fear-inducing American Horror Story: 1984 “Face the Darkness” walk-through. Both were fantastic set-ups that sucked you in, so to speak, to each series.

The Shadows lair had vampires to converse with — who were so spot-on that you occasionally wondered if you should worry for your life — and a photo booth cooking up photographic sorcery.

The American Horror Story: 1984 Face the Darkness activation was designed by Creative Riff, and took you in to Camp Redwood, a summer camp in the 80’s where your camp counselor orientation takes a dark turn, and you are forced to flee through pitch-black woods to avoid the killer chasing you and the other counselors. You have never clung on to strangers so closely before as you did when going through this offsite. From animal parts and limbs hanging in the woods, the knife-wielding masked man, hands grabbing at your ankles, and a sudden start from a car horn, this activation was awesome and terrifying.
A nod to AHS: Hotel in the Camp Redwood building.
If you were wondering why the Fearless Forum’s center building used large white panels, it was also the stage for a nighttime projection show from BARTKRESA studio and FX design. Check out Parks & Cons’ video below:

Parks & Cons also captured the What We Do In The Shadows cast visiting the offsite:

One of our favorite moments came when the Shadows vampires went on break, still keeping character:

Photo credit: Christina Glen
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