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Under the Tents: QMx, Andy Park, Dan Veesenmeyer, nsurgo, Val Hochberg

We weren’t going to let the weekend end without one more edition of Under the Tents, and tonight we have updates on some of our favorite artists, including Dan Veesenmeyer, Val Hochberg, Andy Park, and more — plus news of QMx.

Here’s a look at what you might have missed:

  • Collectibles and toy company QMx have more in store San Diego Comic-Con this year, including these new Wolverine and Deadpool Q-Fig Dioramas available at Booth #4145.

  • Although Dan Veesenmeyer’s commission list has been closed for awhile, he’ll be doing on-site sketching on a first-come/first-served basis each day — so hurry to Artists Alley HH-23 to get on his list.

  • Marvel Studios Director of Visual Development, Andy Park, will also be taking commissions at Booth #4604, as well as selling prints, posters, art books, original art, and more.

  • Artist Jeremy Bastian showed off a new piece he’s taking to San Diego Comic-Con this week.

  • nsurgo has a lot of awesome things planned for the con this year, including this Street Fighter x nsurgo t-shirt, available at Booth #5601.

  • Mystery bags are in for 2019, and illustrator David Colman is getting in on the action with his Mystery Bags. Each $30 bag will get you two t-shirts, and maybe even original art, for just $30.

  • You’ll find these adorable tekitology pins at Vuduberi Booth #5137. Pirate crocodile? We’re there.

  • KRS Studios will be selling Mike Mayhew DC Comics 13×19 lithographs of Mayhew’s cover to Detective #1000. They’ll retail for $200 and are limited to 100 pieces.

  • Artist Robert Luedke showed off his San Diego Comic-Con exclusive print, “Make America Laugh Again”. This red-foil stamped variant will only be available at G-06.

  • Val Hochberg showed off a few more originals she’ll have at the convention, including pieces for Good Omens and Critical Role. You may have to beat our Editor to her booth for some of the Good Omens items, we’re just sayin’.

  • Broadsword Comics will be offering mini prints, featuring the art of Jim Balent, for just $35 at Booth #1715.

  • Giant Robot is heading to Booth #1729, where they’ll have a re-release of their “Memu I” and new “Memu II” box set of 100 postcards, as well as Terada Katsuya’s Real Size book, t-shirts, skatedecks, art, and more.

  • Artist Steph Dere unveiled a look at her new 13×19 print, featuring Totoro in a way you’ve probably never seen him before. Pick up the limited 13×19 print at Small Press M-05.

Anything we missed? Anyone you’re really excited to see? Let us know in the comments, drop us a line, or tweet us at @SD_Comic_Con.

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