WonderCon Online Scavenger Hunt

Prize Mule may not be heading to Anaheim right about now… but we’ve got fun, games, and prizes for you anyway! We’re kicking today off with an Online Scavenger Hunt, with lots of fun prizes!

To enter, simply head here and fill out the answers to all of the questions below! We’ll be giving away prizes all day! Our first prize winner, the person who fills out all answers correctly the fastest, will get:

  • $100 Amazon gift card

But if you aren’t the fastest, no need to fear! We’ll also be giving away prizes to random entries, including:

Unfortunately, we cannot ship internationally. Non-USA folks are still welcome to play along but cannot win.



What is the address for the Neal Adams Gallery in New York City?
Website: http://nealadams.com

How many Lumberjanes Merit Badges are available in the Boom Store?
Website: http://www.boom-studios.com

The California Browncoats participate in several events each year. In their list of “Past Events” what is the 5th event from the top of the list?
Website: https://www.californiabrowncoats.org

Which character is shown in the center of the picture of Cryptozoic’s DC Bombshells Series 3 photo?
Website: https://cryptozoic.com

What is on the end of the Night King’s spear in Patrick Ballesteros’ 25 Cent Wonder?
Website: https://patrickballesterosart.com

What does Toddland’s Wash Your Hands Burger come with a side of?
Website: https://www.toddland.com

How high does the Count count up to in Chris Uminga’s print? Ah ah ah!
Website: http://uminga720.storenvy.com

After how many hours was Don Nguyen’s Pablo the Gorilla cover #1 funded in the Kickstarter?
Website: https://nguyeningit.com

What is the name of the hit single in Joey Spiotto Back to the Future “The Jigawatts” pretend record?
Website: https://www.etsy.com/shop/joebot

Spoke Art has a brand new Tom Whalen print for WonderCon. Which movie does it feature?
Website: https://spoke-art.com

Toynk’s SDCC Golden Girls bundle includes a mug, enamel pin, lanyard with charm, and what fourth item?
Website: https://www.toynk.com

What slogan is featured on the Legion M license plate frame?
Website: https://shop.legionm.com

Who is quoted on the +3 To Charisma store page featuring their literary wares?
Website: https://plus3tocharisma.com

What Pokemon can be found on one of Randy Takeuchi’s drawstring bags?
Website: https://randro1d.storenvy.com

The Ferris Bueller’s Day Off art by Matsumoto Art celebrates which anniversary?
Website: https://www.matsumotoart.com

What bird is featured on Monkey Minion Press’s “Peace Was Never an Option” print?
Website: https://www.monkeyminionpress.com

Which iconic Mary Shelley tale is featured on the cover of Kymera Press’ Mary Shelley Presents #1?
Website: https://www.kymerapress.com

What does Pikachu want on Val Hochberg’s magnet?
Website: https://www.valhochberg.com

What is Fat Rabbit Farm’s Pandi powered by?
Website: https://www.fatrabbitfarm.com

In artist Karen Hallion’s “She Series Collage, Special Pop Culture Edition” poster, who is in the 2nd row, 3rd column box?
Website: https://www.karenhallion.com

Artist Jen Bartel, who designed this year’s WonderCon program book cover, has a T-Shirt design in her web site store that features what mythical character?
Website: https://www.jenbartel.com

From which SoCal small chain did Mark Evanier recently order some chicken from? (hint: It was during the month of April)
Website: https://www.newsfromme.com

What kind of animal is falling off a rock in Scott Shaw’s Marooned Lagoon print?
Website: https://www.shaw-cartoons.com

What animal is hanging out with a member of the Queen’s Guard in Nan Hockin’s London print?
Website: http://www.nanamation.com

How many issues of Strangers In Paradise are included in the Softcover Omnibus Edition?
Website: https://abstractstudiocomics.com

Artists Jed Henry and Dave Bull are working to save what art form?
Website: https://ukiyoeheroes.com

What’s the name of the galactic ale available on a vinyl sticker from Figment and Fable?
Website: https://figmentandfable.com

There are a few Star Wars prints available from Chrissie Zullo, but only one features more than one character. Name all the characters on that print that has more than one character.
Website: https://chrissiezullo.storenvy.com

What is the size of Nick Kremenek’s Toss a Coin to Your Witcher coin?
Website: https://www.etsy.com/shop/Dreamforger

Which dessert item is featured to the top right of Henry Liao’s “Mei’s Food Run” print?
Website: https://www.inprnt.com/gallery/imhenry66


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