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Entertainment Earth San Diego Comic-Con Online 2020 Exclusives [UPDATE: July 23]

Entertainment Earth has grown to become a cornerstone of the San Diego Comic-Con exclusives scene — and we certainly don’t need a physical convention to still enjoy their exclusives. With classic properties running the gamut of everything from Twilight Zone to Saturday Night Live to Marvel to DC to Dragon Ball Z, Entertainment Earth is always a company to watch.

All of Entertainment Earth’s exclusives can be purchased online, for shipping.

Here’s a look at Entertainment Earth’s 2020 offerings:

[UPDATE July 23]

DC Comics Ra’s al Ghul Pop! Vinyl Figure – $15
Leader of the League of Assassins, Ra’s al Ghul is stepping out of the shadows of the rogues gallery and into the Funko spotlight with this Entertainment Earth Funko Pop! Convention Exclusive.

Invader Zim with Minimoose Pop! Vinyl Figure – $15
Victory can be yours, puny Earth human, if you grab this Invader Zim with Minimoose Entertainment Earth Funko Pop! Convention Exclusive.

[UPDATE July 22]

Entertainment Earth Enamel Pin Set of 4 – $19.99
Show off your love for San Diego Comic-Con with this set of four enamel pins. The set includes “EE 2020”, “I’m In Line for Hall H”, a San Diego-bound train, and “I’m Here For the Comics”. Each pin is between 1 1/3″ to 1 5/8″ wide, and is limited to 1,008 sets.

Twin Peaks Icons Bobble Head with Enamel Pin Set of 3 – $39.99
Many of Twin Peaks’ most iconic images are depicted in this 3-piece pin set, which includes the owl, a cherry pie, and the Welcome to Twin Peaks sign — as well as a Double R Diner booth diorama. The owl and log bobble. Limited to 504 pieces.

Twin Peaks Enamel Pin Set of 4 – $19.99
Can’t get enough of Twin Peaks? This set of four pins includes Agent Cole’s hearing device, the blue rose, cherry pie, and “Fire Walk With Me.” Limited to 540 pieces.

The Joker Jack-in-the-Box – $29.99
THE JOKER as a jack-in-the-box is a match made in Arkham Asylum. The Clown Prince of Crime pops out of this Jack-in-the-Box after “Pop! Goes the Weasel” plays. Approximately 5 1/2″ tall. Limited to 6,138 pieces.

Batman TV Series Batcycle with Batman and Robin Wooden Collectible Pin Mates Set – $16.99
Holy Comic-Con exclusive, Batman! These 2″ scale Batman 1966 Batcycle (with seats) with Batman and Robin Pin Mates set are retro styled in wood. Limited to 3,048 pieces.

Girl With No Name Comic and Pin Set – $15.99
This girl is no damsel in distress. Grab this Girl With No Name comic and a “GWNN” pin set from Legion M. Girl With No Name comic book follows an orphaned girl raised by her bounty-hunter uncle. After he’s murdered by a band of outlaws, she sets out for revenge.

Jay and Silent Bob Mooby The Golden Calf Plush and Pin Set – $31.99
Who’s your friend? Mooby Cow! Get this Jay and Silent Bob 4″ Mooby the Golden Calf Plush and Pin Set from Legion M.

[UPDATE July 8]

Big Hero 6 Baymax Pain Meter FiGPiN XL Enamel Pin – $29.99
On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate your pain? Everyone’s favorite personal healthcare companion from Big Hero 6 is now an exclusive FiGPiN XL 6″ enamel pin.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars Enamel Pin Set – $19.99
Entertainment Earth has teamed up with Monogram International for this Star Wars: The Clone Wars enamel pin set, which includes Ahsoka, Rex, Ventress, and the logo for the series. Each pin is 1 3/4″ and comes packaged in a hard display case.

Wonder Woman 1984 WW84 Mini-Backpack – $59.99
Feel like a superhero (or an Amazon Warrior) with this Loungefly Wonder Woman 1984 inspired backpack. The bag, which is made of faux leather and shiny gold PU, features shiny gold hardware, a matching lining, adjustable straps, zipper closure, a zipper front pocket, and more — and it measures 10 1/2″ tall x 9″ wide x 4 1/2″ deep.

[UPDATE June 24]

Jurassic Park Barbasol Dennis Nedry Action Figure – $19.99
Mattel appears to be offering their San Diego Comic-Con Online exclusives through Entertainment Earth this year, and hold on to your butts for this next offering. Mattel is bringing some dino-tastic fun with this Jurassic Park Barbasol Dennis Nedry Action Figure. The 3 3/4″ tall Dennis figure comes with the bag of money from Dodgson, a piece of pie, and the Barbasol can of dinosaur embryos. All of that can be displayed or hidden away in a 7 1/2″ tall Barbasol Beard Buster shaving can, which also lights up, and speaks some of Dennis’ dialogue from the film, including “Ah, ah, ah! You didn’t say the magic word!” and “Ah, no wonder you’re extinct.” When you twist the base of the shaving can, it also triggers a dramatic light effect to reveal the figure.

It will be available on Entertainment Earth’s site at 9AM PT today.

[UPDATE June 22]

WWE Mr. T Elite Collection Action Figure – $29.99
Inspired by his first-appearance look in the WWE ring, this 6-inch scale WWE Mr. T Elite Collection Action Figure – 2020 Convention Exclusive is an amazing find for any wrestling fan. Bold and colorful and boasting deluxe articulation, it features his signature mohawk, enhanced facial detailing for lifelike authenticity, and realistic ring gear featuring overflowing “gold” chains and a camouflage jacket. Plus, Mr. T comes packaged in a closed box inspired by a retro wrestling poster. This exclusive will certainly sell out quickly, so get your order in now so you don’t miss out! Colors and decorations may vary. Ages 8 and up.

[UPDATE June 16]

Dragon Ball Super Dragon Stars Super Saiyan Gohan and Piccolo Cape Version Action Figure 2-Pack – $49.99
Grab this powerful duo of Piccolo and Gohan while you have the chance. These two have an undeniable bond, because Piccolo trained Gohan and prepared him for many of the fights he faced. Dragon Ball Super fans are sure to form a bond with this remarkable Dragon Ball Super Dragon Stars Super Saiyan Gohan and Piccolo Cape Version Action Figure 2-Pack – EE Exclusive as they imagine the biggest DBS battles and moments with these 6 1/2-inch tall figures that boast over 16 points of articulation. Piccolo features a shiny metallic paint deco on the body. Super Saiyan Gohan sports a shiny paint deco with smoke translucent hair and a cape with a shaded gray deco. Bandai’s Dragon Ball Super Dragon Star figures have amazing style and decoration that incorporates the quality and playability fans love, so don’t miss this exclusive addition to the lineup!

Naruto: Shippuden Anime Heroes Itachi and Sasuke Uchiha Action Figure 2-Pack – $49.99
Sasuke Uchiha’s only goal in life is to acquire the power needed to kill his brother Itachi Uchiha and take vengeance for his family’s death. Now, Naruto fans can bring that animosity to their dining-room table and act out battles between the two to their heart’s content! The Naruto: Shippuden Anime Heroes Itachi and Sasuke Uchiha Action Figure 2-Pack – Entertainment Earth Exclusive brings you both brothers as terrific 6 1/2-inch tall figures sporting over 16 points of articulation. Don’t miss these Bandai Anime Heroes with their amazing features and deco and the quality and realism anime fans love! Both figures feature a metallic paint deco and Sharingan red eyes.

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