SDConCast 7/26/2020 – You’re Already Home, But You Can’t Stay Here?

It’s the last hour of Comic-Con @ Home! The San Diego Comic-Con Unofficial Blog welcomes back Patrick Ballesteros as he sketches live! He’ll be drawing characters in line for that one laaaaaast exclusive — and you get to call out which characters he draws! At the end of the session, the drawing will be put up for sale online, with proceeds benefitting the United Way of San Diego. Meanwhile, The San Diego Comic-Con Unofficial Blog team will discuss how SDCC went being virtual as well as count down to the “end of the con.”

Join in on the fun on YouTube Liveat 4PM PT today.

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Intro: “Omg I <3 Livejournal (And My Livejournal Loves Me)” (Talkshow Boy)
Outro: “Joss Whedon” (lo-fi is sci-fi)

Special Guests:

Patrick Ballesteros
Twitter: @PatrickBallest
Website: Patrick Ballesteros Art Shop

The Hosts:

Kerry Dixon
Twitter: @kerrydixon

James Riley
Twitter: @danregal

Produced by:
Beth Riley
Twitter: @trekkiebeth

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