100% Soft San Diego Comic-Con 2021 Exclusives

100% Soft set the internet, and San Diego Comic-Con, on fire in 2019 with his first resin Dumpster Fire toy, and he’s continued lighting the world’s passion for “things on fire” ever since.

Coinciding with San Diego Comic-Con this year, Truck Torrence has teamed up with KC Green, the original cartoonist behind the infamous Question Hound “This is Fine” panel from his Gunshow webcomic, to bring you a brand new Dumpster Fire.

The “This is Fine” Dumpster Fire vinyl toy combines all your favorite “the world is on fire” vibes into one epic mash-up toy. Green also drew the box art for this new edition of the vinyl figure, which will be available on Saturday, July 24 at 11AM PT for $30 through the 100% Soft webstore.

Orders will ship in September.

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