Comic-Con Special Edition Vaccination Verification Wristbands, More

With Comic-Con Special Edition badge registration now open (or very shortly to be open), we are on the ground with some updates.

When you arrive on-site, there will be tents near Hall H or Hall D where you can verify your COVID-19 vaccination or negative test status. Here’s a look at the guidelines:

And here are the two areas:

Once you do, you’ll be given a red wristband that we were told is good for the entire weekend. If you lose your wristband, you can simply get re-verified to get a new wristband.

After you get your COVID-19 status verification wristband, then you can pick up your badge in Hall H.

For now at least, we were also told that badges will be $150 throughout the weekend even if purchasing on-site — meaning if you show up on Sunday and can only utilize one day, your badge will still be $150. We’ll have to see if this changes.

As always, things are in flux, and even well-meaning staff, security, and volunteers don’t always have up to date information. If things change, we’ll be sure to update.

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