Tubi Series ‘The Freak Brothers’ Hits the Road for Comic-Con Special Edition Offsite Experience [UPDATE November 26]

Tubi’s animated series, The Freak Brothers, is hitting the read and heading for Comic-Con Special Edition for an offsite experience.

Fans will be able to stop by all three days of the convention (Friday, November 26: 12PM-7PM; Saturday, November 27: 9AM-7PM; Sunday, November 28: 9AM-5PM) for “The Freak Brothers Experience” at San Diego Bayfront Park, in front of the Hilton Bayfront Hotel, near Hall H.

Here, they’ll have music curated from The Freak Brothers Spotify playlist, charging stations at a lounge area, and a 42-foot “The FREAK-A-FIED Bus”. There will also be a dynamic photo backdrop with the cast of the series.

Additionally, Tubi will have a “Freak Brothers” street team giving away four character collectible mini-posters, as well as The Freak Brothers themed mint tins.

Based on Gilbert Shelton’s acclaimed comics “The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers”, the Starburns Industries animated series is set in modern day San Francisco. It features four cannabis-loving, time-travelling “Freaks” from the late 1960s – Freewheelin’ Franklin (Woody Harrelson), Phineas (Pete Davidson), Fat Freddy (John Goodman) and Fat Freddy’s Cat aka “Kitty” (Tiffany Haddish).

Here’s a look at the mini posters:

[UPDATE November 26]

Progress has been made on the Tubi offsite near the Hilton Bayfront, with the Freak-ified bus now on-site. Work continues on the phone recharging and lounge area. Parks & Cons is on the ground and got some photos:

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