Wonderpost: Henry Liao, Dalien Ogden, Carly Heath, Patrick Ballesteros, Brianna Garcia

The wheels of WonderCon keep on turning and despite the lack of a badge sale (as of this writing), that does not mean there isn’t news to share. On the contrary, you might want to grab a snack and prepare to be here awhile because we have creators announcing their attendance, prints from all corners of the fandom, panel confirmations, and much, much more.

Let’s take a look at what you might have missed:

  • Booth confirmations keep rolling in and one of the latest to announce was the insanely talented illustrator Brianna Garcia. If you’re looking for Loki merch, she should definitely be your first stop.

  • Comic creator and podcaster Johnny Parker II also took to Twitter to announce that he will be tabling at WonderCon (and another lesser known convention this summer *wink*).

  • All work and no WonderCon makes Ublog a dull blog, can you relate? The Hollywood Horror Museum, which hopes to open their permanent exhibit space in 2022, is excited to finally be able to make it to WonderCon. They are also looking for a few volunteers so if you know your Freddys from your Michaels and Jasons, be sure to reach out to them.

  • WonderCon 2022 will see the triumphant return of the writer of The Children’s Vampire Hunting Brigade, David Lucarelli, and Abacab Studios.  We look forward to hearing what new indie comics he will be bringing along.

  • While we’re talking about indie comics, you’ll be able to witness the debut of The First Americans Chapter 2, by Christopher Reda and Tadd Galusha. Critical Entertainment showed off the cover with their announcement.

  • Pablo the Gorilla creator Don Nguyen will be offering a free acrylic pin version of his Gerry Conway Skulls For Justice logo as a bonus to those who purchase a commission for $20 or more. Not that you needed more of a reason to walk swiftly (don’t run!) to his booth in April.

  • Traveling from Colorado to Anaheim in April will be creator and illustrator Dalien Ogden. Dalien was the illustrator for WIFWULF, a Kickstarter project that was funded in only 9 hours. Let’s hope that some of the enamel pin designs they were showing on Twitter make it to WonderCon!

  • We think you’ll want to talk about Bruno after seeing this Encanto inspired print that our friend Patrick Ballesteros intends to bring to WonderCon. We’re sure that this is just the tip of the iceberg of what Patrick will be offering.

  • Marvel and DC artist Peter V. Nguyen was soliciting opinions on his fun and dynamic X-Men print. Would you like to see this piece for sale at WonderCon? Hop on Twitter and let him know!

  • Now, with all this fun and exciting news, there was bound to be a disappoint or two and this one is for fellow pug fans. Our favorite curly tail & smooshed face brand, Puglie, will unfortunately not be attending WonderCon this year. *sniff* We’re not crying, YOU’RE CRYING! We can absolutely understand wanting to ease back into conventions and hope that we’ll see them in person next year.

  • The Reckless Kind by Carly Heath is on my reading list for 2022 so I’m positively green with envy at my friends who will be able to see it’s writer at WonderCon in April. Carly promises more details soon.

  • Another Ublog favorite artist is Henry Liao and we are love, love, LOVING the look of this 90s Jubilee and the Savageland Rogue pieces he showed off a few days ago. Please, give us allllll the Marvel characters like this, Henry, don’t leave us hanging.

  • This took a little reading between the lines but it appears that comic writer and artist Becky Cloonan will be attending WonderCon. Becky will be at the helm of DC’s Trial of the Amazons event this spring and is currently writing what this blogger thinks is the best Wonder Woman story in decades.

Lastly today, we have a handful of announcements regarding panels that have been recently approved. We don’t have many details right now, but we’ll be on the lookout for more information soon.

  • Chris Garcia will be hosting How Comic Influence STEAM, Social Justice and Equality, which will be on the first day of WonderCon, April 1st.

  • Skewed and Reviewed‘s Gareth Von Kallenbach will be filling us in on all things Alien on the final day of WonderCon, April 3rd.

  • Longbox Graveyard will be guesting on a panel with Dave Olbrich called Put Comic Book Skills To Work In A Video Game on Sunday, April 3rd.

  • Co-host and writer on several podcasts, Johnny Kolanski has had (possibly) multiple panels approved for April. We’ll have to wait and see if he spills any details.

Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments, drop us a line, or tweet us at @SD_Comic_Con.

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