Under the Tents 2022: Todd Nauck, PC Gaming, Patrick Ballesteros, Nate Powell

Two months from right now, one thing is for certain: We will probably be standing in a line somewhere. But we’ll be at San Diego Comic-Con — and for that, we couldn’t be more excited. We’re equally as excited for today’s round-up of news, including updates on comic artists and writers, a look at the PC gaming schedule, art teases, and more.

Here’s a look at what you might have missed:

  • Le Petite Elefant, also known as artist Genevieve Santos, has something singularly exciting at San Diego Comic-Con this summer. We’ll have to wait for the full reveal.
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  • Comics maker and graphic novelist Nate Powell announced that an expanded paperback edition of his Save It For Later: Promises, Parenthood, and the Urgency of Protest will be making its debut at SDCC this summer, ahead of its full August release. The expanded edition will feature new illustrations, an in-depth conversation with Derf Backderf, process pages, recommended readings, and more.

  • If you’ve spent your weekend watching the new Rescue Rangers film (and if you haven’t, you should) — then let’s just say we agree with a certain duck at the end of the film. Luckily, artist James Silvani is bringing his Darkwing Duck: Tales of the Duck Knight Comics Collection Vol. 2 to his booth at the convention.

  • Toy company threezero revealed that they have plans to have new product on display at San Diego Comic-Con this summer, though exact details are still being finalized.

  • Still looking for a way to attend San Diego Comic-Con? J. Scott Campbell Ltd. is currently seeking a Brand Ambassador to work at their booth for $15-$20 an hour, and it includes a hotel room. You can apply on Indeed.
  • Artist Patrick Ballesteros gave a sneak peek at a pin backing for San Diego Comic-Con — what could it be? A two-fer for everyone’s favorite (and then least favorite) Assistant Coach of AFC Richmond, perhaps? That’s our best guess — but we’d love to know yours.

  • Comic book artist and writer Todd Nauck is making his first con appearance since 2019 this summer, and he’s already got a packed schedule. He’ll be doing a Thursday panel, a possible publisher booth signing, commissions starting at just $60, original art for sale, limited edition art prints, and he’ll be signing autographs of a limited number of comics at his booth. Note that while most signatures are free, he does charge $10 per comic autograph for CGC or graded comic services. Catch him in Artist Alley II-01.

  • The Voyager Documentary, a look back at Star Trek: Voyager, may be boldly going to San Diego Comic-Con this summer. The Twitter account for the documentary asked followers if they were headed to the con, which implies they could be beaming up to the con themselves.

  • Do you love PC gaming? San Diego LAN will be hosting the PC Game Room at SDCC this summer, in the Mezzanine Room 17B, which will include PC gaming tournaments, VR experiences, giveaways, and free play all weekend long. You can find more information on the Facebook event page. The schedule includes:
    • Thursday
      • 10am-6pm: Free Play
      • 2pm: Cod4 2v2
    • Friday
      • 9am-6pm: Free Play
      • 12pm: Blur Racing
      • 2pm: Halo: CE 2v2
    • Saturday
      • 9am-6pm: Free Play
      • 12pm: Rocket League 2v2
      • 2pm: Cod4 2v2
    • Sunday
      • 9am-3pm: Free Play
      • 12pm: Halo: CE 2v2
      • All day tournament till 2pm: Xortex VR high score contest
  • It’s an announcement within an announcement! Writer Michael Heffron tweeted Paul Thayer, creator of Project Naosis, to say that they will be booth neighbors.

  • StashhhLoot is bringing a whatnot arcade to several conventions this summer, including San Diego Comic-Con. While not specified, we believe this will likely be a booth, similar to their booth at MegaCon this weekend, which you can view on their Instagram.
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