Under the Tents 2022: Bandai, Kevin Smith, Funko, PermaFriends, 7 Bucks A Pop

We are just THREE weeks away from San Diego Comic-Con! There’s still plenty of news to come (so much news we’re sort of terrified, in fact) — but we’ve got a round-up for you today of updates on Bandai, Kevin Smith, Funko, PermaFriends, artists, vendors, and more.

Let’s take a look at the news you might have missed: 

  • You’ll want to be sure to stop by the Bandai Namco Toys & Collectibles America booth this year, as they’ll have new Gundam Infinity waves showcased, with sneak peeks of figures. They also promise to “give fans a hands-on mecha experience” at the con.
  • How high is a stack of over 80 original pieces of art? This high! Artist James Silvani has plenty of new, original artwork heading to Booth #5555 at the con, available starting at $120.

  • Think pink! Young artist Ethan Castillo showed off a new Symbiote Spider-Man piece, heading to Artists Alley #AA-01.
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  • Wondering what’s going to be filling the Warner Bros./DC-sized hole on the convention center floor? Well, 7 Bucks A Pop is movin’ on up to Booth #4845 which was formerly part of that area. Congrats on your new space, 7 Bucks!

  • For the lucky few who scored Funko Fundays tickets, here’s Funko’s tip on one of this year’s event Freddy’s: A crown might be involved. Well that’s… not really a hint at all, Funko!

  • Equally vague was their answer when asked whether Fundays attendees would get a chance at a Freddy Soda this year.

  • Think of me, think of me fondly PermaFriends author and illustrator Kaveh Taherian is heading to Booth #BB-02 this year, and his words will warm and calm you when you pick up a copy of his PermaFriends: The Quest for the Crimson Code. That’s all we ask of you, Kaveh.

  • Hero Within has announced their first SDCC exclusives for the year, a new collaboration with artist Deana Parlagreco. You’ll be able to to choose between four options: Spock in Blue, Captain Janeway in red, Sulu in gold, and Guinan in purple. Grab them at Booth #1943.

  • Artist Genevieve Santos gave us a preview of a new BTS vinyl sticker she’ll have at the con, featuring Kim Tae-hyung in his runway outfit. Grab it at Small Press #L-7.
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  • These cute seasonal geishas are also heading to the convention. Artist Nan Hockin revealed she’ll be bringing along 12″x18″ of her “four seasons” prints to the con this year.
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