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Under The Tents 2022: MonsterhedZ, Symbiote Studios, Top Cow, Patrick Ballesteros

It is my immense pleasure to be able to say that San Diego Comic-Con is officially NEXT MONTH! We expect the next seven weeks to be chock full of exciting announcements and updates. We’re gonna set the stage today with announcements and teases from Symbiote Studios, TheOneRing.Net, and our friend Patrick Ballesteros, plus much more.

Let’s take a look at the news you may have missed:

  • The good folks at Top Cow have reason to celebrate. It’s been thirty years since they started publishing and there is no stopping them now. They will be attending San Diego Comic-Con with their impressive roster of books and creators.

  • Gearing up for their massive Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power series, rumors have been swirling of a multi-million dollar offsite experience from Amazon. If history tells us anything, Amazon is capable of pulling it off. TheOneRing.Net was testing the waters of the fans to see what they’d love to see at San Diego Comic-Con and fueling more speculation. 

  • We’re (not-so) patiently waiting for the exhibit floor map to be released, but luckily, we have folks like storyboard artist Lydia Anslow already letting us know where they will be when July 20 hits. 

  • Symbiote Studios had us all guessing when they showed this work in progress of what appears to be a very blue Catnip Bravo plus! What could it be?!? We won’t know until closer to SDCC.

  • Speaking of Symbiote Studios, they have also been musing about their convention exclusives, all of which are limited to 500 pieces or less…some much, MUCH less. And don’t forget the free stuff. Lots and LOTS of free stuff. 

  • We are ready to step up our enamel pin game and luckily, Priscilla Wilson is going to be able to help us with some yet-to-be-revealed bling bag pins. Don’t keep us in suspense, Priscilla, share SOON(AY)!

  • Aaron Reynolds from Effin’ Birds gave us a look at a San Diego Comic-Con exclusive pin set that will be available at the event. We’ll be watching to see how to score these little effin’ pins.

  • If you haven’t already, make sure to put the San Diego Comic-Con Art Show on your official to-do list. You’ll be able to see, and buy, tons of original art, including works from MonsterhedZ creator Ronnie Hansen.

  • Panel approvals appear to be going out and though we won’t see the official schedule until two weeks before the event, we can count on cool folks like writer and production designer Jacob Johnston to share their excitement with us.

  • Artist Kevin Maguire posted on Twitter that he has not been to San Diego Comic-Con since….1996. We think he’s going to have an amazing return in 2022.

  • According to Gizmodo, the sci-fi short film Re-Live, directed by Sotiris Petridis and Tania Nanavraki, will be screened as part of the San Diego Comic-Con International Independent Film Festival.

  • Funko and Loungefly have been a match made in heaven. We love the never-ending clever and cute designs that Loungfly puts out and we are doing the “happy dance” after reading this quote on CBR.Com with Loungefly Vice President Creative Liz DeSilva.

  • And lastly today, What if……we let you go without a look at what Patrick Ballesteros has been up to in preparation for San Diego Comic-Con? We don’t want to find out so here’s a look at a few Doctor Strange 2 mini-originals you’ll have a crack at in July.

Since I joined the blog team in fall of 2018 there has only been one in-person SDCC for me to attend so I am positively bubbling over at the prospect of getting to meet many of you at the convention, doing Prize Mule drops, and maybe even at a very special after-party?

Anything we missed? Let us know in the comments, drop us a line, or tweet us at @SD_Comic_Con.

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