Exhibitor List, Map for San Diego Comic-Con 2022 Revealed

At long last, the wait is over.

The list of Exhibitors, members of the Small Press and Artist’s Alley sections, as well as the Fan Tables sections, have all been revealed on CCI’s site. The map is also now live.

Over 550 exhibitors (or over 900 if you include all areas) are listed for this year’s Comic-Con, covering comics, merchandise, video games, television and film. All the major players in each category are represented — for comics, that includes BOOM! Studios, IDW Publishing, Image Comics, Marvel Entertainment (now with a separate retail booth!), and Oni Press. Dark Horse, DC, Titan Entertainment, and Drawn & Quarterly are sitting this one out.

For the big studios, there’s Marvel, Lionsgate (back after skipping in 2019), and Lucasfilm. As previously announced, Warner Bros. won’t have a presence on the show floor this year.

On the TV side, fans should head to booths for HBOMax (new! exciting!), Disney Television Studios (in the normal FOX booth space, with what we are guessing is still a lot of the normal FOX content), Disney+, Nickelodeon, Netflix, and Paramount+ (basically the old CBS booth with a new name). We’ve got a few no-show’s here, with AMC, BBC America (possibly a sign that we won’t be getting Doctor Who this year before the new Doctor makes their first appearance), Starz, and TBS (no surprise considering in the Discovery merger they’ve cancelled all TBS scripted programming).

Into print and art? Be sure to check out 100% Soft, Daniel Danger, Kevin Tong, NUCLEUS, Spoke Art, Hero Complex Gallery, and Mondo.

We’re also excited about UCC Distributing, Factory Entertainment, Funko, Hasbro (but more about them below), Monogram, the Comic-Con Museum, Toddland, Monkey Minion, and a NASA booth. Funko is bigger than ever, taking up even more space than previously announced.

Bandai has also expanded in a big way, taking over spaces previously held by BBC America and Hasbro, among others. Speaking of Hasbro — the toy monolith traditionally has two booth spaces, one for product display and a second space for ordering your exclusives. This year they’ve condensed into just one booth, as they won’t be selling exclusives on-site.

You will also be missing booths like WETA and Prop Store, as both are no-shows this year.

Capcom, Blizzard, and Nintendo can all be found over in the video game section. Missing in action is Sony Interactive, Ubisoft, and Xbox.

Fans of Robotech X and more should head to the Fan Tables, and if you’re a fan of anything, swing through Artist’s Alley to view work from over 130 artists, including Patrick Ballesteros, Priscilla Wilson, Chris Uminga, Karen Hallion, and others. This year’s Small Press section includes booths for over 100 companies like ACME Ink, Val Hochberg, The Con Rangers, and others.

What booths are you most excited to check out? Let us know in the comments.

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