Martin Hsu San Diego Comic-Con 2022 Exclusives [UPDATE July 18]

Contemporary artist Martin Hsu is always a favorite on the San Diego Comic-Con exhibit floor, where he creates New Traditional Asian Art that is both beautiful and adorable. We are pleased to announce that Martin will be back at SDCC, at booth #4530 with new work, including pieces for Ted Lasso, Studio Ghibli, Star Wars and his own personal characters.

Hsu’s SDCC items will launch for pre-order on his online shop on Friday, July 15 at 9am PT for pick-up at Booth #4530, or for shipping after the con. This online collection will also feature most items he’ll have at his booth. If ordering for in-booth pick-up, use code SDCC2022PICKUP at checkout.

[UPDATE July 18]

Hsu has released his “Meet-N-Greet” hours for the week, or the hours Hsu will physically be in the booth. While not required, if you’d like to meet Hsu while you pick up your SDCC pre-orders, these are the perfect times to do it.

The booth will be open the rest of the weekend as well, and attendees are welcome anytime to stop by, check out art, buy things, and sign his guest book.

[UPDATE July 17]

Martin Hsu continues the celebration of his  Dragon Boy Tales with these Dragon Boy Artist Series custom figures. Each figure is painted by a friend and peer of Hsu’s, including Jeremiah Ketner and Lis Holmes. The newest editions, “Aloha,” “Mahalo,” and “Shaka” feature painting by Mark Nagata and facial features printed by Hsu. They will be available at booth #4530 on Preview Night.  

Martin Hsu x Mark Nagata Dragon Boy Tales Custom “Shaka”

Martin Hsu x Mark Nagata Dragon Boy Tales Custom “Aloha”


Martin Hsu x Mark Nagata Dragon Boy Tales Custom “Mahalo”

Available now for San Diego Comic-Con preorder on Martin’s site are Mark Nagata’s “Hanabi / Fireworks” custom Dragon Boy set and “Desert Blooms” custom Dragon Boy figures by Elisabeth Holmes.

[UPDATE July 14]

With the memory of the blooming of the cheery trees still lingering in our minds, Martin Hus presents us with this pair of enchanting hand painted Tokidoki figures, Sakura Donutella and Sakura Mermicorno. Both figures will be available for SDCC preorder and pick up at the convention on Friday, July 15 at 9am PT on his website.

[UPDATE July 13]

We love a good mash-up, and so does Martin Hsu, who is releasing these mash-ups featuring the black cat Jiji, from Studio Ghibli’s Kiki’s Delivery Service as Vader Jiji, the Dark Lord himself. Each of these 3 paintings will be sold separately and limited print editions will also be available. Don’t forget that on Friday, July 15 you can pre-order any of Martin’s SDCC items for shipping or convention pick up at his booth.


[UPDATE July 11]

Martin Hsu heard the request of the fans and two of his original Dragon Boy Tales illustrations will now be made as prints for SDCC. ‘Dragon Heart’ and ‘Pan Pan Noodles’ are both 11″ x 14″ limited prints and will be available for pre-order this Friday, July 15 at 9am for shipping, or you can opt for pick-up at his booth #4530 during the show.

[UPDATE July 10]

Martin Hsu is bringing a new edition of his Studio Ghibli x Star Wars mash-ups to San Diego Comic-Con, this time in the form of a Totoro Cosplay. He’s created three pieces featuring Totoro cosplaying as Obi-Wan as he looks after the baby Totoro dressed as Princess Leia, Grogu, and Darth Vader.

The original 3″x3″ watercolor and metallic gold acrylic pieces will be available for $150 and come framed with glass — or you can get a print set of all three for $30.

Both options will be available as part of his online pre-order this Friday, July 15 at 9am PT.

[UPDATE July 7]

Martin Hsu will be releasing a handful of original Dragon Boy Tales illustrations for sale at San Diego Comic-Con. Dragon Boy Tales is Hsu’s original character and he is currently working to develop an book due out in 2024 (the Year of the Dragon, natch!) This is a rare opportunity for fans of Hsu to collect a piece from the Dragon Boy origin story.

All pieces will be up for grabs during Hsu’s online pre-order next Friday, July 15 at 9am PT.

[UPDATE July 5]

The force is strong with these adorable “Leia and Lola” watercolor originals and prints. The originals are 4″x5″ and feature watercolor and metallic gold acrylic, and come framed with glass. There are three options — BFFS, Snuggle, and Hug, which can each be purchased for $150 on Friday, July 15 at 9am PT when Hsu’s pre-sale launches.

If you prefer the prints, you can grab a three-pack of 5″x7″ prints of the artwork for $20 for the set — which is three prints for the price of two, as they’ll be $10 each at the con at Booth #4530.

The prints will also be part of the online pre-sale on July 15.

[UPDATE July 4]

You’ll be able to grab the three-pack of “Ted Lasso and his Cats” 5″x7″ prints for $20, which is a three-for-the-price-of-two special.

Additionally, Hsu showed off his “Grouchy Tiger, Sleepy Dragon” original painting, featuring his original characters Dragon Boy and Tiger Girl. This ink, watercolor, and gold acrylic 5″x7″ painting will be available for $350, and comes framed with glass.

[UPDATE July 2]

Martin Hsu’s been busy working on brand new art for San Diego Comic-Con — and also busy catching up on TV. This year, he has three watercolor originals and limited prints for one of our favorite shows, Ted Lasso, which feature Ted with his coworkers in imaginary cat-form.

Ted has rounded up some strays and taken them in, in these “Ted Lasso and Cats” pieces. Whether it’s Roy’s grumpy attitude, Keeley’s “fur”, or Coach Beard’s exasperated look, we love the details on these. The originals are created with watercolor and gold acrlyic on 100% cotton archival paper, and will come framed with glass for $150 each.

[UPDATE July 1]

While we wait to see those, Martin has a very special shirt that he has designed for himself and anyone else feeling the same sentiment.

You can order your own shirt right now from Threadless, where it’s customizable in many colors, sizes and blends.

Stay tuned for Martin’s announcements about this year’s San Diego Comic-Con reveals.


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