Offsites Prepare for San Diego Comic-Con 2022 [UPDATE #3 -July 18]

San Diego Comic-Con season is upon us, and that means that offsites are starting to go up, to be ready by the time thousands of attendees descend upon the Gaslamp.

[UPDATE #3 – July 18]

Looks like Krapopolis wasn’t built in a day, but maybe 3-4 days instead. 

There’s so much going on for Netflix’s Gray Man activation, we can’t wait to get in there!

[UPDATE #2 – July 18]

The Audible Beach is also making progress: 

[UPDATE July 18]

The Star Trek 10 Forward: The Experience is coming together nicely at Happy Does.

[UPDATE July 16 #6]

Welcome back, kids.

Who else is ready to get… under the tents?!

The watchful eye of an American Horror Stories doll keeps watch over her domain — which includes the Bayfront and the nearby FX activation setup.

At FX, setup continues on the activation.

The labyrinth includes hedges and some interesting looking pieces.

[UPDATE July 16 #5]

Over at the Audible Beach, the sand sculptures are really something special.

[UPDATE July 16 #4]

We’re ready to beam into the 10 Forward Star Trek activation/watering hole, over at Happy Does. Tickets are sold out, but a waitlist will be available.

[UPDATE July 16 #3]

We’ve spotted some House of the Dragon walls going in over at the HBO offsite. These look like they could keep in a dragon, right?

Over at the Audible Beach, the sand sculptures are currently in progress, and they look amazing.

Over at Netflix, they’re using the former site of Amazon’s massive offsites, but with a smaller space.

Fans will be able to enter an interactive escape experience for The Gray Man set on a tram car, inspired by the chase scene in the new film. Once aboard the tram, fans will have to prove they have what it takes to become the next Gray Man in a test of skill, strength, and speed while transporting a top secret file to safety before the mercenaries catch up and the time runs out.

[UPDATE July 16 #2]

Over at FX, things are just getting started. Soon, this will be a labyrinth featuring American Horror StoriesWhat We Do In the Shadows, and Little Demon.

[UPDATE July 16]

It’s the best time of the year… The banners are already out on the San Diego Convention Center.

Even the tents are out. And we spy something very interesting in the background…

You know here at the UBlog, we’re all about that HotD — House of the Dragon, that is. The offsite is busy setting up, and it certainly looks big enough to hold a dragon or two.


[UPDATE July 15]

Work continues on The Audible Beach, which will soon be a sandy oasis.

And look who we found: a Gray Man. Or at least the start of the offsite build.

[UPDATE July 14]

Outside Comic-Con got a look at some of the progress, starting with the first sign of movement at the Audible Beach, which will feature sand sculptures and a place to unwind (maybe with a good audio book).

Things are underway at the House of the Dragon offsite, which looks MASSIVE.


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