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REVIEW: FX Offered Thrills, Chills, and Fun at San Diego Comic-Con 2022

FX’s activation on the Hilton Bayfront lawn is always a fan favorite, offering multiple experiences for their various shows. This year, the network brought 10,000 sq. feet of outdoor space, which transformed into the FX Fearless labyrinth — featuring a Garden of the Dolls from American Horror Stories, Nadja’s nightclub from What We Do in the Shadows, and more.

Although the activation was open Thursday-Sunday of the con during the day, on Friday night it had extended hours, including fan screenings — and that’s when it really shined. Nightfall offered the perfect time to experience the spooky atmosphere of the experience.

The activation featured fun photo ops throughout, with many of them offering a haunt-like experience. Because there was a photo op every few feet, it kept crowds from being too bored, as a new section of the activation was waiting to be discovered around every corner.

Some highlights included the Garden of the Dolls, where actors in creepy doll make-up interacted with you, and asked if you wanted to stay and play with them, or have tea. It was unsettling, and for those of us who love haunts, a real delight.

Fans could even turn themselves into dolls if they booked a make-up session through the online reservation system, to transform themselves into creepy creations.

We had a lot of fun watching attendees be scared of the actors, who were more than game to go for the scare. One of our favorite parts was watching someone on stilts covered in leaves emerge from the hedges, terrifying several attendees.

Eventually, you made your way to Nadja’s nightclub, surrounded by Lazlo’s erotic topiaries — and which was guarded by a Mayans M.C. member in a strange crossover that was weirdly delightful. When I questioned why the Mayans member was working at Nadja’s, he said he didn’t know what happened inside, but to be careful.

Once inside, a camera took a fun 360-angle spinning video of you showing off your best creature of the night moves, which was later e-mailed to you.

Throughout the week, the FX activation had a line that was frequently one to two hours long — but inside offered plenty of fun photo ops and a unique experience for fans of their shows. And, getting your Halloween-style haunt fix in July? Always a win in our books.

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