Under the Tents 2022: UNDERWORLD, Jason Edmiston, Squishmallows, Mysterious Galaxy, BB-CRE.8

Overnight, more San Diego Comic-Con news has sprung up — and we’re here to cover it all. This morning, we’ve got updates on Mysterious Galaxy signings, new exclusives from Ashley Wood’s UNDERWORLD and Jason Edmiston, and more.

Let’s take a look at the news you might have might have missed:

  • Do you really love your rice cooker? Whatever style rice cooker you prefer, Le Petit Elefant has new washi tape that’s a tribute to both old and modern rice cookers, available at Small Press #L-7.
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  • Stranger Comics showed off a SDCC exclusive for Niobe & Dura #1, a Skeleton Keys Comics x Stanger Comics cover illustrated by Tehani Farr. You can grab it at Booth #1605, where they’ll have “paper, foils, metals, and ghosts”.
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  • Today may only be Thursday, but we’re excited about this Jason Edmiston Friday the 13th “Eyes Without A Face” piece, heading to Comic-Con.
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  • UNDERVERSE, home of Ashley Wood and 7174’s original worlds, showed off a SDCC 2022 Bramble MK8 / Nom Master Lupin Mini Ice Age Conflict lmited set, which will be making its debut at Booth #2742 for $100.
  • Jewelry and ceramics makers Adorable Mayhem revealed new rocking creations, including a rocking Jakalope and a tiny rocking unicorn, making their debut at the con. Stop by Booth #4537 to get them.

  • UCC has some SDCC exclusive Squishmallows at San Diego Comic-Con, but they won’t be the only ones! Squishmallows designer Brittany shared on Instagram that the Jazwares / Gentle Giant booth will also be home to new SDCC exclusive Squishmallows.
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  • Mysterious Galaxy’s SDCC signing schedule isn’t such a mystery now! Though we’re still waiting on specific days/times, they did announce a sneak peek at some of the talent signing at their space at the con, which includes Wesley Chu, Charle Jane Anders, Xiran Jay Zhao, Blake Crouch, Kiersten White, Shannon Messenger, Naz Kutub, and Tomi Adeyemi.

  • These BB-CRE.8 BB-8 pins looks BB-GREAT! (we’re not sorry). You can find BB-CRE.8 at Booth #1134 at the con, where they’ll be be showing new, adorable BB-8 themed pins like the Spider-Man universe ones below.

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