Under the Tents 2023: Dark Horse, Elfquest, ‘The Continental’, J. Scott Campbell, Camilla d’Errico

As you bide your time waiting for the date for the General Hotel Sale (no, we don’t have a date yet), everyone behind the scenes is already hard at work to create an awesome experience for you at San Diego Comic-Con. We have news on a fan favorite comics company (and comics series) returning to the con after a break, as well as the first tease of a TV show that could be at the con, and plenty of artist announcements.

Here’s a look at the news you might have missed:

  • You can help artist Camilla d’Errico choose which of her artworks to turn into a holographic print for San Diego Comic-Con. Simply take a look on Facebook, and let her know your thoughts.

  • Comic artist J. Scott Campbell is heading back to San Diego Comic-Con this summer, where you’ll find him at Booth #2029. His signing schedule is still TBA, but when it is, you can get non-graded signatures for $30 (though the first item is free!), or CGC/graded signatures for $40.

  • It’s never too early to talk about panels. Which is why we’re excited that Quoir Publishing co-owner Keith Giles is kicking things off with talk about a “Science Fiction of Philip K. Dick” panel. While it’s too early for panel confirmations, it’s certainly not too early for panel planning!

  • Good news, comic lovers! Although Dark Horse Comics skipped last year’s San Diego Comic-Con, it appears to be a one-time thing — because according to Elfquest creators Wendy and Richard Pini, they are also returning after a four year hiatus, to sign autographs at the Dark Horse booth. Celebrations all around!
  • Diwata Komiks will be debuting Carnal Tales: Anting-Anting at San Diego Comic-Con this year, featuring fantatical tales with a Filipino folklore edge to them.

  • Could we be getting a sequel to artist Patrick Ballesteros’ magnum opus to John Williams? He’s started a new composer piece for San Diego Comic-Con, and it has us saying “RUFIO!”.

  • John Wick: Chapter 4 producer Erica Lee recently spoke with Collider, who asked about the upcoming series The Continental, a prequel spinoff starring Colin Woodell, Katie McGrath, Mel Gibson, and more. The three-episode series will be coming out in September, and when asked if that made the timing right for San Diego Comic-Con, Lee hinted that she’d like to be there — though it’s certainly not a lock. “I would love to be at Comic-Con,” Lee said. “We have such good experiences at Comic-Con with Wick and Wick universe. We just locked “Night One,” and we’re just getting into the publicity plan, but that would be a great idea. We should be there.

  • Toymakers The Loyal Subjects have set their sights on San Diego Comic-Con, and based on their hashtags and image, you can expect some Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Cowabunga!

  • Essential Sequential is returning to SDCC this year with exclusives, artwork, and more — including artists David Finch and JG Jones. Finch’s commissions list is already open (and you can find more info on it here), and Jones should be opening their list soon.

  • Are you living a Pandariffic life? Well, you will be after you hear that P.M.B.Q. Studios, the maker of adorable panda-themed merch and wares, will be exhibiting at the con.

  • Comic artist Greg Horn has a few shows on his list for 2023, including — you guessed it — San Diego Comic-Con. His signing rules for books published before 2013 are that the first three comic books are free, and anything after that is $5/each. For books published 2014 or later, it’s a flat $10 per signature, and CGC or CBCS represented requests are $20 — with a discount on multiples.

  • Mirka Andolfo, also known as Mirkand, has just finished MegaCon, but now they’ve got their sights set on another con: SDCC.

Anything we missed? Let us know in the comments, drop us a line, or tweet us @SD_Comic_Con.

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