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Under The Tents 2023: Diwata Komiks, Lizzo, Max Meow, Damian Connelly, Patrick Ballesteros

I think we could all use a palate cleanser after the stress and confusion of  Hotelpocalypse so I thought we’d give you some news tidbits and announcements to take your mind off of waiting for Monday’s placement e-mails. Hopefully some art from Patrick Ballesteros, books from Diwata Komiks and Bob’s Burgers enamel pins will be just the thing you need.

Let’s take a look at the news you might have missed:

  • Shortly after the eye catching debut of the Blue Beetle trailer, writer of the current series, Blue Beetle: Graduation Day, Josh Trujillo confirmed on Twitter that he will be in attendance at San Diego Comic-Con for all those fans seeking signatures on their books.

  • The Afrofuturisim Lounge event for 2023 will once again take place during San Diego Comic-Con. Details are sparse for now but we’ll post them as they are released. In the meantime, you can check out their previous events on their website.

  • Patrick Ballesteros has been busier than ever preparing originals, prints and commissions for SDCC 2023. Luckily for the curious among us, he’s posted a few sneak peeks at some of his work for John Wick, RRR and Everything Everywhere All At Once. That’s a trifecta of awesome if there ever was one.

  • Doh! This one was faster than a speeding bullet and we almost missed it…looks like Patrick Ballesteros has another musical masterpieces up his sleeve.

  • We’re going to need a bigger bag. For all of the art we’re going to buy from Patrick Ballesteros, that is. He added another tease for his latest addition to his popular composer series.

  • Someone is looking to be 100% THAT SDCC GUEST and that someone is the iconic Lizzo, fresh off her turn as the Dutchess of Plazir-15 on The Mandalorian. We hope this newest Disney princess gets her wish.

  • Fans of new Syfy series The Ark will want to reach out to express their interest in a possible fan panel.

  • Do you wanna catch ’em all? And by “em” I mean all the crochet drops that happen during San Diego Comic-Con. It looks like the Nifty Neuron is already giving their crochet hook a good workout in advance of SDCC.

  • Dan Veesenmeyer recently announced his first SDCC exclusive, a delightful X-Men: Animated Series print….but did you know it was going to be SHINY?!?!? Neither did we, so we were pretty jazzed when he showed off the finished product on Twitter. Keep an eye on our dedicated Veesenmeyer post for all his exclusive reveals.

  • Award winning screenwriter Gary Whitta has announced on Twitter that he will be attending San Diego Comic-Con. In addition, he’ll be bringing his Batman: Fortress collection (out June 6) and his Gundog book (out July 18). 

  • Cadence Comic Art will be helping to facilitate commissions for Argentinian artist Damian Connelly during San Diego Comic-Con. Reach out for more details and to get your commission lined up.

  • Do you have regrets about missing out on some of the Bob’s Burger’s Toddland exclusive enamel pins from days of yore? Well, you’re about to get a second chance at San Diego Comic-Con because Todd and Co. have dug deep into the archives and will be offering some of their sold out treasures. 

  • Creator Ollybits made a mysterious but exciting post on Instagram this week announcing that she will NOT have a booth at San Diego Comic-Con but WILL have some sort of exclusive item released there. We will (not very) patiently await more details.
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  • Ringo award winning writer David Pepose (Darth Vader: Black, White, Red and Extreme Venomverse) will be at San Diego Comic-Con, which is great news for those attending buy not so great news for at least one of his Twitter followers.

  • Star Trek fans demanded to see the popular podcasters the Inglorious Treksperts and they made it so, beaming down to San Diego Comic-Con as part of the summer leg of their live tour.

  • Art nouveau illustrator Echo Chernik took to Facebook to reveal her schedule for the rest of the year, which includes a stop at good ol’ San Diego Comic-Con this summer.

  • Wait a meow-ment, we’re not done yet! We have a purr-fect announcement for you: John Gallagher, author of the popular Max Meow series, is heading to San Diego Comic-Con for the first time in ten years. You’ll find him at Booth #2000 on the show floor, with boothmate Thomas Zahler (writer and artist of Warning Label).

  • And finally today, diversity focused comic company Diwata Komiks will be bringing two new imports to their San Diego Comic-Con booth. Award-winning Doobiedoo Asks is for younger readers and features a semi-autobiographical story about the writer’s autism journey with their son who is on the spectrum. Diwata will also be offering Tatsulok: A Vision of Dust, the story of the son of Lucifer and the son of Michael the Archangel teaming up to help Lora, a succubus besieged by demons. This title, for mature readers, is by Philippine komiks industry veterans David Hontiveros and Xerx Javier.

Anything we missed? Let us know in the comments, drop us a line, or tweet us @SD_Comic_Con.

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