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Con Rangers Merit Badge Exclusives for San Diego Comic-Con 2023 [Update July 11]

We hope you’ve been studying up in the offseason, because it’s time to put your San Diego Comic-Con knowledge to the test.

The Con Rangers want to honor all of the achievements you make during the convention, that’s at once both a test in patience and in stamina. As always, they’re bringing their San Diego Comic-Con “merit badges” to the convention, to give you some recognition for your hard work.

New this year, they’ve got an upgrade from Small Press, to Booth #1336.

Let’s take a look at the new badges for San Diego Comic-Con 2023:

[UPDATE July 11]

Be sure to stop by Booth #1336 to pick up their brand new Guide Book, which is filled with activities, games, and tips for surviving the convention. And it even includes stickers to help you track the badges you’ve earned.

[UPDATE July 10]

Now this exclusive you can literally only “earn.” The Con Rangers invite you to stop by their booth (#1336 but you already knew that didn’t you?) and pick up a pamphlet all about how you can earn yourself this 2023 Convention Research patch. That’s right, you can’t buy it, you’re going to have to work for it.

[UPDATED – July 8]

What’s the point of earning a merit badge of you can’t show it off? Back by popular demand, the Con Rangers will have their sashes and their lanyards available for purchase at the convention. Pick them up at their new location, booth #1336.

Found The New Con Rangers Booth — $10
LE 1000

Splurged on a Dream Purchase — $6

Cosplayed for the First Time — $6

Stayed for the Entire Con — $6

Prioritized Pool Time — $6

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