Downtown San Diego Gets Wrapped Up for San Diego Comic-Con 2023 [Update July 17]

One of the clearest (and one of our favorite) indications that San Diego Comic-Con is just around the corner is when downtown San Diego started to have giant wraps for the various studios and properties heading to the convention. It’s a sign of things to come — and it means you can start getting excited now.

To learn more about the process that goes into turning buildings in the Gaslamp into works of art, you can check out our recent SDConCast episode with KAP Media Group.

[UPDATE July 17 #4]

What’s this now? Not only are there wraps on the elevators at the Hilton Bayfront for Only Murders in the Building….


There are also wraps on the elevators for Futurama.

[UPDATE July 17 #3]

Over at Interview with the Vampire, we may finally be done (or nearly done)… and Lestat has entered the chat.

Over at Petco Park, Abbott Elementary is coming to school you.

[UPDATE July 17 #2]

Baja Rick’s, formerly Tin Fish, is being transformed into Quantum Cantina, with signage for Quantum LeapChuckyLaw & Order, and more.

At Maryjane’s, Yellowjackets appears to be taking over. But will it just be an overlay or a themed menu as well?

[UPDATE July 17]

Guests who check in at the Hard Rock will be transported to the wild world of Yellowjackets, with fun overlays in the lobby.

Including the fireplace.

For those at the Omni, the lobby has been transformed into Animayhem.

Over at the Hilton Gaslamp, Interview with the Vampire continues its total domination of the hotel.

[UPDATE July 16 #3]

Over at the Hilton Gaslamp, there is now additional signage for Anne Rice’s Immortal Universe, AMC’s name for the universe of Interview with the Vampire and Mayfair Witches.

There’s also some fun additional wraps and builds happening.

And just off to the side, where the House of the Dragon offsite was last year, there appears to be a massive queue being built. Perhaps we should stop including these updates in the “Wraps” post.

[UPDATE July 16 #2]

At the Hilton Bayfront, work continues on the massive Shogun wrap.

Over at the Hilton Gaslamp, Interview with the Vampire is looking rapper dapper.

[UPDATE July 16]

Over at the Marriott, we caught a better look at the ongoing Wheel of Time wrap.

As well as the wrap for Sand Land.

[UPDATE July 15 #5]

We stopped by for another look at the wraps with Parks & Cons, where there’s a new Gen V addition to The Boys section.

And then over at the Hilton Gaslamp, the Good Burger 2 wrap is ready to “meat” you again.

Over at the Marriott Marquis, the Star Trek wrap is looking nearly complete.

There’s also been progress on the Bayfront for what appears to be a wrap for Shogun.

[UPDATE July 15 #4]

A Wheel of Time wrap has appeared on the Marriott Marquis!

[UPDATE July 15 #3]

More progress on the wraps for Interview With The Vampire at the Hilton Gaslamp, as well as the massive Yellowjackets wraps at the Hard Rock Hotel we spotted on Parks & Cons walk around the Gaslamp.

[UPDATE July 15 #2]

On their walkabout, Parks & Cons also found this in-progress wrap for Sand Land on the Marriott Marina hotel. The movie, from the creator of Dragon Ball, will be premiering at the convention next Friday.

[UPDATE July 15 #1]

Parks and Cons is back in downtown checking the SDCC progress. The most recent piece added to the Hilton Bayfront confirms it’s a Shōgun wrap!

The FOX Animation Domination wrap on the Omni keeps becoming increasingly more intricate:

Finally, a pair of eyeballs on this burger confirm it’s a Good Burger wrap on the Hilton Gaslamp:

[UPDATE July 14 #2]

@OutsideComicCon is back on the hunt, and she’s caught a look at an epic showdown between The Boys‘ Butcher and Homelander.

Nearby, the Invincible wrap looks to be complete.

And Good Omens is also now complete as well.

[UPDATE July 14]

@OutsideComicCon stopped in the Gaslamp for a look at the progress on the wraps. Over at the Bayfront, work has started. Will this be FX’s annaul wrap? Or in the weird year that is 2023… could anything go?

Elsewhere, more work has been done on the Hulu Animayhem wrap on the Omni.

At the Pendry, Daryl Dixon looks complete.

And at the Marriott, there’s a new Star Trek wrap, which looks a lot like last year’s wrap.

[UPDATE July 13 #4]

The wrap over at Park 12 looks to be possibly complete now, as Special Ops: Lionness likely can’t extend over the balconies. Parks and Cons is on hand to get a look.

And over at one of our favorite eateries, Sweet Things, work continues on their artist-created Mario themed window.

[UPDATE July 13 #3]

The Daryl Dixon wrap that Parks and Cons caught a look at yesterday has already made significant progress.

[UPDATE July 13 #2]

Parks and Cons stopped for a closer look at the Interview with the Vampire wrap, Armand is starting to come into view, as is the Theatre des Vampires.

[UPDATE July 13]

Parks and Cons is back on the ground again for an update on the wraps. Starting over at the Omni, the Hulu Animayhem wrap is looking great, and we’re loving the extra added elements.

At the Hard Rock, the Yellowjackets is buzzing right along, with more wasps coming into view.

And at the Hilton Gaslamp, the Interview with the Vampire wrap is even bigger than we anticipated, with another section halfway done. But on the other side, who or what is that we spy…?

Well, it seems likely to be Homelander, with a wrap that appears to be for all of The Boys properties. We just want to stress that this one looks huge.

Elsewhere on the Hilton Gaslamp, there’s a new wrap… Is it the fabled Carl’s Jr wrap?? We’re willing to bet it is actually Good Burger 2.

And finally for right now, the Invincible wrap is also coming along.

[UPDATE July 12 #5]

And that’s a wrap for today, as Parks and Cons takes one final look at the wraps progress for today. Let’s start with the Omni, where there are already several more animated series added to the overlay.

Over at the Hard Rock, the Antler Queen stands tall.

And the wrap we thought was Invincible is… indeed Invincible! The show’s title is starting to come into focus.

[UPDATE July 12 #4]

Parks and Cons is back for more, checking in at the Hard Rock, where the Good Omens wrap is all but complete.

Meanwhile at the Pendry, something is going up. Any guesses? Scroll down for the answer…

It’s The Walking Dead: Darryl Dixon.

[UPDATE July 12 #3]

[UPDATE July 12 #2]

At the Hilton Gaslamp, Interview with the Vampire reigns supreme.

Over at the OMNI, it appears to be either the traditional FOX animation or perhaps Hulu Animayhem.

[UPDATE July 12]

Parks and Cons is on-site again to catch up with the wraps progress, and this Good Omens 2 wrap is looking… ineffable.

Over at the Hard Rock, there’s progress on the Yellowjackets wrap, and the Paramount+ logo is even in a fitting yellow and black with a yellowjacket buzzing nearby.

And there’s another wrap going up on the Hilton Gaslamp, which we suspect is for Invincible.

[UPDATE July 11 #2]

Let’s start with the most exciting banner news of the evening… Good Omens 2! Outside Comic-Con caught a look at the new wrap, in which Aziraphale is mostly complete, and Crowley can’t be far behind.

Meanwhile, we’re getting a second wrap for Yellowjackets, though it appears to be the same key art for the Antler Queen.

And finally for tonight, there’s lots of activity over at Interview with the Vampire.

[UPDATE July 11]

It’s a new day… and a new wrap! The Antler Queen from Yellowjackets is waiting for you on the side of the Hard Rock Hotel, as captured by our own Outside Comic-Con.

She was also able to get a great image of Interview with the Vampire‘s Louis over at the Hilton Gaslamp.

[UPDATE July 10 #5]

As the sun starts to set on San Diego Comic-Con today, let’s check in on where we are with our wraps. Over at Park12, the Special Ops: Lioness wrpa is coming along quickly, with a ton of progress in just one day.

And at the Hilton Gaslamp, there’s also been movement on the Interview with the Vampire wrap featuring Louis and what appears to be “Memoirs of a Monster” in French — though with the mask, could it also play into the Théâtre des Vampires?

[UPDATE July 10 #4]

Get ready for some dark surprises. A new wrap has been going up on the Hilton Gaslamp, and Parks and Cons is on-site to get your first look at the wrap for Interview with the Vampire. It features what appears to be new key art, with Louis holding a mask with some French words, and we’re sure Lestat will be featured somewhere.

[UPDATE July 10 #3]

While not technically a wrap, downtown San Diego also gets “dressed up” for the convention, and fan favorite Sweet Things Frozen Yogurt at the base at the Hilton Bayfront is busy creating their annual window display art — this time with a Mario theme.

[UPDATE July 10 #2]

The wrap for Special Ops: Lioness has already made significant progress, with the Paramount+ logo all but complete, and actor Morgan Freeman from the key art starting to come into view.

[UPDATE July 10]

The wraps on Gaslamp building’s have officially started in earnest, with the first “building” (rather than parking garage) to get a wrap is Park 12 — for Paramount+’s Special Ops: Lioness, which stars Zoe Saldana as a woman who finds herself in the middle of a deadly operation that puts her life and the lives of those she holds dear in danger.

Parks and Cons has your first look:

[UPDATE June 29]

We’ve started early this year, with (interestingly) a wrap for Netflix. While Netflix won’t be holding panels this year, or even have a booth, they are represented… with a wrap for One Piece, the upcoming live action series based on the Japanese manga.

Twitter user @ssjvenom2324 caught the new wrap, which went up within the last 24 hours over at the Hilton Bayfront parking garage.

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