Essential Sequential San Diego Comic-Con 2023 Exclusives

Essential Sequential features original art from many of today’s top comic and animation artists, and they’re returning to San Diego Comic-Con with exclusives signature prints, and more from many of their roster.

You’ll find Essential Sequential at their home base at Booth #4507.

[UPDATE July 14]

For Essential Sequential’s final San Diego Comic-Con reveal, they’ve showed off a Spider-Man Blue print by Tim Sale. This 11″x17″ print includes a facsimile signature by Sale, and is limited to 100 pieces. Each will be hand signed by Jeph Loeb as well.

[UPDATE July 9]

Step into the Spider-Verse with this new 18″x24″ piece from Arthur Adams. It’s limited to just 100 pieces and comes signed by Arthur Adams for $150. You’ll be able to swing in and pick it up at NFR Booth #4700 and Essential Sequential Booth #4507.

[UPDATE June 23]

Be sure to stop by Arthur Adams Booth #4700 (or Essential Sequential’s booth) to pick up a Red Sonja #1, available in both a color virgin variant (LE 350) for $20, or a Black & White Virgin / Color Set variant (LE 100) for $50.

For more from Arthur Adams, you’ll find The Marvel Art of Arthur Adams V1 Artists Edition, which is limited to 100 pieces and is foiled with signed/numbered/doodled bookplate. That version is $200, and there is also a standard edition available for $40. Stop by either the Essential Sequential Booth #4507 or Arthur Adams’ Booth #4700 to pick it up.

From artist JG Jones, they’ll have a Spider-Man 2099 Marvel Signature print for $30.

You’ll also find an Avengers #71 Marvel Signature print for $30 by JG Jones.

From David Finch, stop by to pick up a Marvel Signature X-Men 700 canvas litho (LE 100) for $250.

They’ll also have a Marvel Signature Uncanny X-Men Foil Print (LE 400 pieces), each of which are signed and numbered by David Finch, for $30 each.

And finally from David Finch, you can grab a Marvel Signature Savage Wolverine print (LE 250), each of which come signed and numbered by David Finch, for $40.

From Frank Miller and Klaus Janson, they’ll have a Hells Kitchen print set of three for $200, which is limited to 500 pieces, and each comes signed and numbered by both Frank Miller and Klaus Janson.

You can also pick up a Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale Spider-Man Blue Marvel signature print, with more information coming soon.

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