Funko San Diego Comic-Con 2023 Exclusives [UPDATE July 14]

Funko has the hardest exclusives to get at San Diego Comic-Con — but they’re also some of the best, with a huge array of licenses and cool variants. We have not yet heard what their process will be for San Diego Comic-Con 2023 (though it’s likely to be access via lottery win again) but that has not stopped the volley of speculation and excitement.

This year’s exclusives will be available as part of “Funkoville“, Funko’s mega-sized section of the exhibit floor. Like in previous years, we would also expect most exclusives to be available via shared retailers online, albeit typically with a different sticker. It appears that most of Funko’s exclusives will be launching online on Thursday, July 20 at 6am PT.

To purchase exclusives from Funko, or Bitty Funko, you will need to “win” a time slot in the Online Exclusives Portal, which is open now through Sunday, July 16 at 11:59pm PT. 

For the Loungefly items, which you can view over here, there will be no portal win necessary and you can simply walk-up — but all Pop/Bag bundles will be sold only through the Funko side of the booth, and thus require a lottery win. Mondo and Funko Games are also not part of the exclusives portal, and will be walk-up and first-come, first serve. Here’s a look at the map:

Here’s a look at this year’s exclusives:

[UPDATE July 14]

Funko Pop! Johnny Knoxville

Funko SODA Darth Vader™

Funko SODA Tony the Tiger™

Ad Icons Pop! Surfing Tony the Tiger

Super Pop! Hunter X Hunter

Pop! Hunter x Hunter Shaiapouf

[UPDATE July 12]

Captain Marvel Carol Danvers Pop!

Marvel’s Thor: Love & Thunder Pop! Thor and Pop! Gorr’s Daughter

Marvel’s Ant Man & The Wasp: Quantumanium Pop! M.O.D.O.K.

Pop! Ghost Rider


Marvel Pop! Lilith

Freddy Funko Bitty Pop! figures

REWIND Freddy Funko – Freddy’s Comic Hero Adventures version

Funko SODA Freddy Funko!

PEZ Freddy Funko, Pop! Floaty Freddy (normal and blacklight), Pop! Freddy Bowling Trophy, Pop! Fun on the Run Freddy, and Pop! Proto

[UPDATE July 10]

Pop! Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom Short Round™

Pop! The Little Mermaid Ariel

Pop! Stranger Things 001

Pop! Star Wars Return of the Jedi Wicket with slingshot

SODA Who Framed Roger Rabbit? Jessica Rabbit 

Pop! A Bugs Life Heimlich

Pop! Fairly Odd Parents 3 -Pack

Pop! Looney Tunes Tweety Bird

Pop! The New Adventures of Captain Planet Gaia Regular and Diamond 

SODA Cobra Kai Johnny Lawrence or Daniel Larusso

SODA Rugrats Reptar 

Pop! Jurassic Park Hatching Raptor

Pop! Scooby-Doo™ in Scuba Outfit

Pop! InuYasha Sesshōmaru

[UPDATE July 9]

Pop! The Dude

Pop! Frodo

[UPDATE July 8]

Pop! Bugs Bunny™ as Fred Flintstone

Pop! Talia al Ghul

Pop! Trigon + Pop! The Question

Pop! Jimi Hendrix Blacklight

[UPDATE July 7]

Shadow & Bone Alina Starkov Pop! Figures

Ego Trippin’ Snoop Dogg 

Bizarro Superman Pop! Figure

The Flash Barry Allen Pop! Figure

Diamond Collection Pop! Blossom™, Pop! Bubbles™, and Pop! Buttercup™ Set

Toucan Backpack

Freddy as Toucan and Flying Toucan Pop! Figures

[UPDATE July 6]

Transformers: Rise of the Beasts Pop! Airazor! This Maximal™

Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers Pop! Rita Repulsa

Demon Slayer Pop! Tanjiro Kamado & Sakonji Urokodaki 2-Pack

Pop! One Piece Gol D. Roger

[UPDATE June 29 #7]

You’ll get your first chance to get your hands on the new Avatar the Last Airbender: Crossroads of Destiny from Funko Games and Prospero Hall. Players can join up with the Avatar team, including Aang, waterbender Katara, earthbender Toph, and Sokka. The game includes 15 narrative encounters and 12 replayable combat challenges, as well as two ways to play: a multigame story-driven journey, or you can jump straight into any challenge. You can read more about it on Den of Geek.

Get it first at the Funko Games booth.

[UPDATE June 29 #6]

From Nerdist, here’s a look at this year’s DC exclusives:

Pop! Barry Allen (In Electric Chair) – $15

Available at the Funko SDCC booth and on at 6am PT on Thursday, July 20.

Bitty Pop! DC Comics 4-Pack Series 2 (Black Light) – $15

LE 4000. This set of black light Bitty Pop! DC Comics figures features Batman, and… we think The Joker and Batgirl, however, Nerdist described the set as including Scarecrow and Robin.

From there, you’ll also get a mystery Bitty Pop! figure (with what Nerdist described as possible options of Robot Batman 1/6, Batman Beyond 1/6, Catwoman 1/3, and The Penguin 1/3 — but we can’t guarantee that description is correct. It also comes with acrylic display cases.

Availably ONLY at the Funko Rewind booth.

DC Super Friends REWIND Batman – $12

1:6 chance of the Chase of Evil Batman. Available at the Funko Rewind booth and on on Thursday, July 20.


[UPDATE June 29 #5]

Yahoo has the details on the newest Star Wars exclusives from Funko:

Young Leia Organa – $15

Available at the Funko SDCC booth and on at 6am PT on Thursday, July 20.

Darth Vader Super-Sized Soda – $40

LE 4500

[UPDATE June 29 #4]

Gamespot has the first look at Funko’s Transformers item:

POP Vinyl: Transformers Rodimus & Galvatron 2-Pack – $30

Available at the Funko SDCC booth and on at 6am PT on Thursday, July 20.

[UPDATE June 29 #3]

Pop Sugar has the details on the next round of exclusives for Disney:

Rewind Buzz Lightyear -$12

To infinity and beyond with this Funko Rewind exclusive, which will ONLY be sold at the Funko Rewind booth.

Rewind Peter Pan – $12

This 3.6″ figure comes packaged in VHS-inspired packaging with a matching character card. It will ONLY be available at the Funko Rewind booth.

SDCC Limited Edition Heimlich Pop! and Bag Bundle – $120

Limited to 4000 pieces and sold at the Funko booth, as well as online at both and on Thursday, July 20 at 9am PT.


[UPDATE June 29 #2]

Collider has the next set of reveals, which is all about Marvel.

Thor: Love and Thunder Thor #1262 – $15.99

The figure will be on the show floor at SDCC and on on Thursday, July 20 at 6am PT.

Pop! Classics Spider-Man Funko 25th Anniversary – $30

Includes Funko’s original Spider-Man figure with a new anniversary base and a metal tin, as well as a commemorative coin, an enamel pin, and a certificate card.

[UPDATE June 29 #1]

Syfy Wire got the exclusive reveal this morning of the first of Funko’s San Diego Comic-Con exclusives, which are all about Jurassic Park. Like in previous years, these items will be available at the SDCC Funkoville booth, through online, and also through Funko retail partners.

Jurassic Park 30th Anniversary Collector’s Box – $40

This set features brand-new items celebrating Dennis Nedry. Each box contains a LoungeflyPop! pin of Dennis Nedry, a Loungefly pin of the Dilophosaurus, a Loungefly Dennis Nedry Lanyard with card holder, and a Loungefly Dilophosaurus spinning keychain. It will be available at the SDCC booth and at starting 6am PT on Thursday, July 20.

Pop! Hatching Raptor – $15

Available at the SDCC booth and at starting 6am PT on Thursday, July 20, as well as select Target stores/ at the same time.

REWIND Ian Malcolm – $12

There will be a 1 in 56 chance of scoring the chase, which will feature an Ian Malclm with Flare. Available at the SDCC booth and at starting 6am PT on Thursday, July 20.


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