Furry Feline Creatives San Diego Comic-Con 2023 Exclusives [Update July 9]

For their eleventh anniversary, Furry Feline Creatives are turning the volume up for San Diego Comic-Con 2023. The character design studio and lifestyle brand was developed by Cheri Lynn Ong and Alvin Ong, whose plush toy company has grown into a global brand. This year, they’re turning their booth into a “Food Park” (sorry, though, it won’t sell edible food, only the adorable merchandise kind), set in the world of their Furry Feline Creatives.

Stop by Booth #4435 to pick up this year’s exclusives, including:

[UPDATE July 9]

You didn’t think Furry Feline Creatives was done yet, did you?

100% Handmade Artisan Mewburger Plush – $45

Hungry for something fun? Check out Meweyville’s best burger! One maybe meat patty, secret sauce, lettuce, cheese with a toothy grin on a sesame seed bun. Soft and plush and made with tender lovin’ care by designer and artist Cheri Ong. This plush measures a whopping 5″ square and is housed in a very cute clamshell box, signed by Cheri Ong. You can also order this one for delivery.

Mewburger Unisex Tee – $30

If you love it, let ’em know with this Mewburger Unisex Tee, available in XS – 3XL and printed on a soft heather charcoal. Also available online for delivery.

Mewburger’s Merry Mew Meal  – $80   

Need the full combo? Treat yourself to the Mewburger Merry Mew Meal, packaged in Mewburger’s iconic white cardboard box with lime green colors. Pick one up in San Diego, or for delivery.

  • 100% Handmade Artisan Mewburger Plush
  • Super soft Mewburger Unisex Tee, in your choice of size
  • 3×5 Mewburger Vinyl Sticker
  • 1.75 button pin
  • Mewburger Minifigure Toy

Furry Feline Creative Sneaker – SDCC Debut and Online Sale – $70/$75

Furry Feline Creative are proud to announce the debut of their sneaker release during San Diego Comic-Con.  The shoes will be on display at the convention and available to order ONLINE ONLY, in very limited quantities. After each drop ends, it will never be available for purchase again. You can reserve your kicks now via an online pre-order, shipping in 4 – 5 weeks. 

[UPDATE July 2]

Spicy Deep Sh*t Pizza Unisex Tees (SDCC EXCLUSIVE) – $30

Ready to dial it up to eleven? In honor of their 11th year anniversary, Furry Feline Creatives have invented a pizza so spicy that goes up to 11. Get them while it’s HOT! This shirt is available for pickup at SDCC, or by delivery (shipping a week after the convention). For more information on the Spicy Deep Shit Pizza you can contact the “HOT”line (727) 537-6673 (ONSE) Why “ONSE?” Well, “On-se” or “On-ce” is a Spanish word that means the number 11. It is also being used in Tagalog where one has been eating too much spices that causes nasal drips on both passages forming the number 11. Don’t act like it’s never happened to you.

Spicy Deep Sh*t Pizza Resin Figure (SDCC EXCLUSIVE) – $30 

Mama, mia, that’s one spicy pizza pie! The Deep Sh*t Pizza art resin figure is hand sculpted and hand painted by Cheri Lynn Ong. The figure measures around 2.5′ x 2.5″ and comes housed in a miniature pizza box with a die cut vinyl sticker.




Hotter Things Premium Art Print (SDCC EXCLUSIVE) – $25 

Spice up your room with this Hotter Things premium art print. Printed on 118lb cream cotton finish cover stock in rich vibrant colors.

Five Dollar Pizza Premium Art Print (SDCC EXCLUSIVE) -$25 

How much for the pizza? While the big sign is right in front…

OG Deep Sh*t Pizza Unisex Tee and Figure – $30 each

Due to overwhelming demand, Furry Feline Creatives are re-releasing the OG Deep Sh*t Pizza figure and tees that started it all! Take it easy on the cheesy! In queso emergency dial (657) 21-PIZZA (74992)


SDCC Exclusive Handmade Jebii Butt Nuggets Bundle – $40

We hope you’re hungry for some “Butt Nuggets”. This set includes three “huge chunks” of Butt Nuggets, alongside “dipping sauces” for Hey-Yo-Mayo and Machup Ketchup. You’ll also get button pins and stickers, all served up in a cute crafty box, for $40. You can pre-order it now for shipping, or pick it up at Booth #4435. For those wishing to pre-order for pick-up at the booth, you’ll initially be charged shipping, but it will be refunded when you pick up at the con. Simply select “Pickup at SDCC” on checkout after adding your Customer Shipping information (your address).

Jebii-Kun Multi-Colored Fuzzy 3D Figure — $12 each or $45 for the set

Furry Feline  Creatives will also be dishing up some Jebii-Kun 3D figures, the official mascot of their I Heart Poop Culture brand. Each one is unique, and available in a variety of shades of colors. There are four variants to choose from (Purple Red, Orange Green, Green Blue, and Blue Purple), and each 3″x2″x2″ figure was printed using Silk PLA/PLA+ filament.

You can pick up one for $12, or the set of four for $45, available for pre-order for shipping, or you can stop by Booth #4435.

Like the other exclusive, for those wishing to pre-order for pick-up at the booth, you’ll initially be charged shipping, but it will be refunded when you pick up at the con. Simply select “Pickup at SDCC” on checkout after adding your Customer Shipping information (your address).

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