Little Friends of Printmaking San Diego Comic-Con 2023 [UPDATE July 15]

It’s easy to fall in love with everything that Little Friends of Printmaking creates. The graphics are sunny and funny and wry and cute. Trust me when I say that while wearing any one of their shirts or sweatshirts you will constantly be asked by strangers where you got it, which might be the only bad things about L.F.o.P.

Lucky for us, JW & Melissa Buchanan (the “Little Friends”) will be back at San Diego Comic-Con, set up at booth #2045 loaded to the hilt with their goods including screen prints, apparel, patches and pins.

Let’s take a look at what you’ll find at booth #2046:

[UPDATE July 15]

But will there be prints, you ask? Of course there will be prints, they *are* the Little Friends of Printmaking after all! Here’s what they will be bringing:

Black Cat 8″x10” screenprint: – $20

California Hot Dog 18×18” screenprint – $20

Everything is Wrong 18×24” screenprint – $20

Hello, Darling 18×24” screenprint – $30

Momotarō 8×10” screenprint – $20

Moonbase 18×24” screenprint – $20

Records 18×18” screenprint – $20

Two Cats 18×24” monoprint – $60

“Records” Sweatshirt – $45

“I’m Dumb” Shirt – $30
“Black Cat” Shirt – newly restocked – $30

“Book Dog” Enamel Pin – $10
“Tape Frog” Enamel Pin – $10
“Skater Cat” Enamel Pin – $10

“I’m Dumb” Patch – $5
“Shut Up” Patch – $5
“Whoops” Patch – $5


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