RSVLTS San Diego Comic-Con 2023 Exclusives

The Hoboken, New Jersey lifestyle clothing brand named after or 26nd President will be taking on San Diego Comic-Con in the best way possible, with not one but TWO booths full of fantastic exclusives. Find them as a featured vendor in the Lucasfilm Pavilion at Booth #2913-L as well as at booth #2044.

At their Lucas Pavilion Booth #2913-L they are bringing with them four exclusive Star Wars shirts in their iconic style: soft and stretchy all over prints made from Kunuflex™, with a new one will be available each day starting on Thursday, July 20. Let’s take a look at them:

Is it feeling swampy in here? No, that’s just the Star Wars Dagobah Drip, featuring the wise teacher Yoda surrounded by his home world. Made of RSVLTS KUNUFLEX™ material, this shirt is available in unisex sizing on Thursday, July 20.

This is the way. The way to look good. The Star Wars Mythosaur print available in unisex sizing as well as a romper style, features Mandalorian icons and a western style. Made of RSVLTS KUNUFLEX™ and available for $70 on Friday, July 21.  

You can’t always be playing with your toys, but you’ll want to with the Star Wars Figure It Out. This fun, colorful print is available in both unisex sizing and women’s cut for $70 each. Made of RSVLTS KUNUFLEX™ and available only on Saturday, July 22. 

You don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here. Mace Windu says Party’s Over with this bold Star Wars prequel print. Made of RSVLTS KUNUFLEX™ and available in unisex sizing on Sunday July 23.

Now over at the RSVLTS main booth, #2044, you’ll also be treated to daily exclusives in some of fandom’s most beloved properties, plus one distinclty San Diego floral print.

On Thursday, July 20 you can pick up the Floral City-San Diego exclusive print. Birds of Paradise are featured in this bold black and yellow design that will have everyone asking “Where did you get that shirt?” Made of RSVLTS KUNUFLEX™ and available for $70.

Hang ten Batman! On Friday, July 21 you can get this RSVLTS KUNUFLEX™ Barreled Batman, featuring Batman and his friends (and foes) enjoying one of the more popular San Diego beach activities. This print is available in unisex as well as women’s cut sizing for $70.

The Mouse with the most vacation days a year is taking advantage of the weather in Tropical Mickey, with a colorful Mickey Mouse and flamingo floral design. Made of RSVLTS KUNUFLEX,™ you can get this one in unisex or women’s cut sizing for $70 starting on Saturday, July 22.

And lastly, On Sunday, July 23, you can pick up the Showa Era print, full of Godzilla, Rodan, Mechagodzilla, Mothra and the whole gang. We may not have gotten to see Godzilla rise from San Diego Bay but you can certainly represent your fandom while wearing this shirt, made of RSVLTS KUNUFLEX.™ Available in unisex sizing for $70.


Here’s a look at the full menus:

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