San Diego Comic-Con 2023 Badge Pick-Up Information

You hopefully have your badge in hand (and if not, be sure to check your Member ID for your badge shipping status and/or tracking number) — but there are still a few reasons you might need to pick up your badge on site.

International attendees who chose not to enter a domestic shipping address, or those who had their badge lost/stolen/any-other-reason will all need to pick up your badge at the San Diego Convention Center, upstairs in the Sails Pavilion. If your badge is truly lost or stolen, make sure you also fill out the Undelivered Badge Form in your Member ID, so that they can turn off the RFID.

Comic-Con International is making picking up your badge even easier now, by allowing for attendees to pick-up on Tuesday, from 1PM-5PM. Attendees, vendors, and retailers may pick up their badge in the Registration Area located upstairs in the Sails Pavilion of the San Diego Convention Center.

Here’s a look at the pick-up times:

Those with single-day badges can pick-up starting at 3pm the day before their day (ie, if you only have a Sunday badge, you can pick-up on Saturday starting at 3pm), but again, you can also pick up on Tuesday, July 18.

It’s worth noting that despite what this says, pick-up always starts earlier than the listed time — so if you’re wondering, check out social media, or just swing by and ask.

To pick up your badge, you’ll need your valid photo ID and barcode confirmation. You may not pick-up for others in your group.

For those picking up on Tuesday, you’ll need to enter through special entrances, as setup for the convention is still ongoing:

For the rest of the week, you may enter through the following entrances:

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