San Diego Comic-Con 2023 Gaslamp Banners Appear

The city of San Diego gets “dressed up” for San Diego Comic-Con every year, from building wraps, trolley wraps, and more. And one of attendee’s favorite traditions for the con are the annual Gaslamp banners, which signify that SDCC is just around the corner.

For several years, Marvel has been the sole sponsor of the official San Diego Comic-Con banners in the Gaslamp (the last non-Marvel banner we can recall was in 2014 for Big Hero Six, but Marvel also sponsored another set of banners that year). This year, though, we may be looking at a Gaslamp without Marvel banners, as the first banner of 2023 is for the 20th Century Fox film, The Creator.

The new film from Gareth Edwards is set amid a war between the human race and the forces of A.I., when an ex-special forces agent (John David Washington) grieving the disappearance of his wife is recruited to hunt down and kill “the Creator”, an elusive architect of advanced AI who has developed a mysterious weapon to kill all of humanity.


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