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San Diego Comic-Con 2024 Dates Officially Revealed [Update July 26]

[UPDATE July 26]

Are you ready to start planning yet? Comic-Con International has finally, OFFICIALLY, announced the dates for San Diego Comic-Con 2024 and they are not the previously suspected dates (see below) but one week later, Thursday, July 25 to Sunday, July 28, with Preview Night being Wednesday, July 24.


As you (im)patiently wait news of your hotel placement from the General Hotel Sale, are you already counting down the days until you can do all of this again next year for San Diego Comic-Con?!

Well, good news, because you’re one step closer to being able to actually do that! If you’re a mega-planner (and let’s face it, if you attend San Diego Comic-Con, you probably are): We may have dates for the convention in 2024.

For the last few years, the dates for future conventions have been quietly revealed on the San Diego Convention Center’s website, well ahead of an official announcement from Comic-Con International. And now, the Convention Center has quietly added a new entry:

The dates would line-up exactly with Comic-Con’s typical July week, and the “Private Event: Convention with Trade Show” is exactly how the listing has appeared the last several years while serving as a placeholder. And with the attendance listed at 135,000 (also exactly how it’s appeared in the last) — there’s really only one thing it could be.

However, there’s one big difference in the date this year: It’s listed as being for a full week. Now, as much as we’d love for a full week of San Diego Comic-Con, this is probably a typo, and the convention is likely set for Wednesday, July 17 – Sunday, July 21, as per the usual schedule.

But hey, anything is possible!

Will you be checking hotel sites now? Let us know in the comments.

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