Shout! Studios San Diego Comic-Con 2023 Exclusives, Giveaways, More [Update July 15]

Always celebrating the best in pop culture, Shout! Studio, newly rebranded from Shout! Factory, will be returning to San Diego Comic-Con and booth #4118. This year you can expect a fun photo op, plenty of giveaways, exclusives you’ll want to add to your collection and more. Let’s take a look at the details:

AFL crash lands at Sand Diego Comic-Con. Everyone’s favorite alien is back and better than ever. Promoting the series’ latest home on Shout! TV, an AFL Milk Cap Toy.

Fans of animation classics from Aardman Animations won’t want to miss an opportunity to step into the trousers of the beloved film Wallace & Gromit: The Wrong Trousers (celebrating a 30th anniversary this year!) with a photo op. Fans can also pick up a Shaun the Sheep headbands to become part of the herd.

Role-playing game enthusiasts can pick up a custom SDCC exclusive Shout! Studios 20-sided die, because every good gamers should have one on hand at all times. You’ll never know when adventure will strike you.

And fans of the cult TV series Farscape can pick up a commemorative button pack.

There will be no shortage of Blu-ray, Steelbook and box sets to pick up at the Shout! Studios booth this year. Popular new releases and cult favorites you’ll want for your collection, including Studio Ghibli titles, Coraline and more. Expect to find:

  • Army Of Darkness [Collector’s Edition] 4K UHD
  • BELLE Limited Edition Steelbook The Burning [Collector’s Edition]
  • Coraline [Limited Edition Steelbook]
  • Creepshow: Collector’s Edition + poster
  • Ferngully: The Last Rainforest [30th Anniversary Edition]
  • Howl’s Moving Castle [Limited Edition Steelbook]
  • The Jackie Chan Collection, Vol. 2 (1983 – 1993)
  • The Magic Flute BD/DVD combo
  • Motel Hell [Collector’s Edition] + Exclusive Poster
  • My Neighbor Totoro [Limited Edition Steelbook]
  • Ponyo [Limited Edition Steelbook]
  • A Shaun The Sheep Movie: Farmageddon
  • Spirited Away [Limited Edition Steelbook]
  • Weathering With You [Limited Edition Steelbook]

Additionally, you’ll be able to purchase collectible enamel pin sets. Previously only obtainable with purchase of other items, they are now available for the first time by themselves. 

  • Army Of Darkness Enamel Pins
  • Black Christmas Enamel Pins
  • Bubba Ho-Tep Enamel Pins
  • Carrie Enamel Pins
  • Chucky Enamel Pins
  • Escape From New York Enamel Pins
  • The Fog Enamel Pins
  • Happy Death Day Enamel Pins
  • Piranha Enamel Pins
  • Red Dawn Enamel Pins
  • Return Of The Living Dead Enamel Pins
  • They Live Enamel Pins

Those of you who are playing along at home won’t have to miss out on the fun.  Tune into Shout! TV for an exciting lineup of magic spells and epic encounters with Always a Sword: A Sword & Sorcery Adventure. Shout! TV remixes their fan-favorite 2019 celebrity role-playing dungeons and dragons game night special by re-cutting and re-imagining it into an epic episodic series. The quest begins the first night of Comic-Con international, July 19th, at 8pm ET / 5pm PT only on Shout! TV !, available on a variety of platforms, live and on-demand, via both free and subscription without ads options.





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