Stan Sakai San Diego Comic-Con 2023 Exclusives, Debuts & More [UPDATE: July 10]

Stan Sakai has been thrilling audiences for decades with his beloved creation, Usagi Yojimbo, and this year, he’s touching down at San Diego Comic-Con in a big way. 

At Booth #4807, you’ll find a special edition Space Usagi action figure, as well as variant edition comics, and more.

[UPDATE July 10]

Stan Sakai and Dogu Publishing have a few more surprises coming your way during San Diego Comic-Con. Let’s start with this Usagi Yojimbo #1: Snow and Ice ADVANCED Retro Artisan Edition King Saldeen Cover. This edition is a collaboration between American contemporary artist King Saldeen and Dogu Publishing. This is the first appearance (but not the last) of Saladeen’s iconic character, JP Moneybear, in comic book format. The cover features emerald green spot foil touches and is limited to 500 copies worldwide. This unique version is set apart by its distinct black and white interior artwork, echoing the nostalgic art of early Usagi Yojimbo books. Don’t miss the chance to own a unique piece of comic book artistry for only $30.

This very special variant cover is the beginning of and extraordinary collaboration between Dogu Publishing and King Saldeen, the genesis of which will be announced during San Diego Comic-Con. 

What’s even more rare than emerald? Why gold of course. This Usagi Yojimbo #1: Snow and Ice ADVANCED Retro Artisan Edition King Saldeen Cover will have gold spot foil and be limited to just 250 copies worldwide. Like the Emerald variant, this version will feature black and white art, setting it apart from the forthcoming standard edition, to be released in comic book stores in September. This is truly worth its weight in gold, but will be priced at only $50.

[UPDATE July 6]

Stan Sakai’s first comics exclusive for San Diego Comic-Con this year is in many ways a tribute to the nostalgic public style of Usagi Yojimbo. Fans will be able to stop by Booth #4807 to pick up Usagi Yojimbo #1: Snow and Ice, an advanced Retro Artistan Edition Gold Spot Foil Variant.

This distinctive version features unique black and white interior artwork, and unlike the standard edition (which will be fully colored and available in stores this September), this version features mesmerizing monochrome interiors throughout. The cover features beautiful Stan Sakai Black & White Cover art.

It’s limited to 500 copies worldwide, and you’ll be able to pick it up for $30 at the booth. You’ll even get a sneak preview of a brand new Usagi Yojimbo one-shot, Yokai Hunter, set to release later this year.


Thirty years after Stan Sakai’s Space Usagi ignited the imaginations of fans worldwide, he is finally touching down…in action figure form, that is.

This meticulously crafted Space Usagi Action Figure “Stan Sakai” Edition figure of beloved Usagi Yojimbo from his Space Usagi adventures was manufactured by NECA is a unique collaboration between Stan Saskai and Dogu Publishing. Space Usagi is presented in elegant black and white with exclusive metallic accessories, multiple hand sculpts and an additional head sculpt. The figure is housed in a window box with a limited-edition slipcase featuring bold red foil stamping. 

Usagi fans worldwide will be able to pre-order this very special action figure starting at 5pm PT on Friday, June 23 from Stan Saskai’s official website. Pre-orders will be shipped directly to the purchaser.

San Diego Comic-Con attendees will also have a chance to acquire the Space Usagi figure during the event, as Dogu Publishing has reserved a batch specifically for the event. Figures will only be available at Stan Sakai’s Booth #4807 (NOT at the NECA booth) and fans will be able to choose from multiple versions including signed and remarqued options.

Space Usagi Action Figure “Stan Sakai Edition” – $99.99
Limited to 987 pieces worldwide, this version is unsigned.
Signed version also available.
Remarqued version also available.

There will also be a Space Usagi Action Figure “Dogu Publishing Edition” version, which is limited to 250 pieces, and features slightly alternative box artwork and the Dogu Publishing logo. Most importantly, though, it includes a quick sketch from Stan Sakai on the back of the slipcase.

This version will be available for $250.

Space Usagi Action Figure “Dogu Publishing Edition” – $250
Limited to 250 pieces worldwide.
Slightly alternative box artwork with Dogu Publishing logo.
Includes a quick sketch on the back of the slipcase.


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