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Toynk San Diego Comic-Con 2023 Exclusives & Debuts [UPDATE July 5

Everywhere you look at San Diego Comic-Con, you’re sure to find Toynk. Not only do they hold some of the most exciting licenses, which this year includes DC, WednesdayIndiana JonesNaruto, Bee and PuppyCat, and more — but they’ve also got several stops to find them across the show floor, which this year includes Booth #3849 and #815.

You’ll also find their items at several other retailers across the convention floor, including Tentacle Kitty at Booth #1501, Ukonic at Booth #1235, Syndicate Collectibles for high end statues at Booth #4649, and the Hulu booth.

Stay tuned for more reveals.

Here’s a look at this year’s Toynk exclusives for San Diego Comic-Con 2023:

[UPDATE July 5]

Bee & PuppyCat Laser Mouth 16″ Plush – $40
LE 1000

Bee and PuppyCat 16 Inch Character Plush | PuppyCat – $35
SDCC debut / LE 3000

Bee and PuppyCat 10 Inch Character Plush | Temp-Bot – $20
SDCC debut / LE 1000

Bee and PuppyCat 8.5 Inch Character Plush | Wallace – $20
SDCC debut / LE 1000

[UPDATE June 30 – #2]

Bottom’s up you garbage kids! These Geeki Tiki Garbage Pail Kids Tikis are ready and willing to hold all your flammable and filthy concoctions You can complete your collection at booth #3749.

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[UPDATE June 30]

Garbage Pail Kids Adam Bomb Light
This Garbage Pail Kids lamp is a real BOMB. It won’t be available on retail shelves, but you can find it at Toynk Booth #815 and #3749 during the convention (and you’ll also find Garbage Pail Kids Tikis on sale within the tiki-themed area of the Toynk display) for $49.95.

Bee and PuppyCat 16 Inch Plush – PuppyCat Laser Mouth – $40
SDCC exclusive.

[UPDATE June 26]

The Flash 24kt Gold Slide Open Ring – $100
LE 300. SDCC exclusive.

Based on DC’s The Flash (2023) film, this stunning ring replica is plated in real 24kt Gold. In the film, the Flash’s ring contains a shrunken version of his red-and-gold costume, and opening the ring allows it to instantly grow to normal size and disguise the hero. While this replica may not be able to quite do that, it features an authentic movie-based design, and the lightning bolt logo slides open to reveal his iconic “costume” colors underneath. Available in sizes 9-12, each size sold separately.

Geeki Tiki Killer Klowns – Shorty – $35
SDCC debut

Geeki Tiki Killer Klowns – Rudy – $35
SDCC debut

Geeki Tiki Killer Klowns – Jumbo – $35
SDCC debut

MochiOshi (Avocado) – Haruki Abokadoshi – $12
SDCC debut

This 8″ Haruki looks tough on the outside, but he’s a real softie on the inside. He writes guac and roll songs in his free time and dreams of being the toast of the town with a smash hit. Peace and quiet is boring. He wants to avo good time, and things are all ripe for now.

MochiOshi (Boba Tea) – Mizuki Tapioshi – $12
SDCC debut

Mizuki is always the talk of the island (and 8″ tall). Gossip is her special-tea. If she knows your secret, she pro-boba-ly just might spill it. It’s always cool and refreshing to catch up with her at the café. She always wears pearls because she says they’re the perfect matcha.

MochiOshi (Burrito) – Ryoto Burittoshi – $12
SDCC debut

Ryoto is 8″, and very creative and is a famous movie director on the island. He has no beef with making commercials for local businesses, even though it pays beans. Some call his flicks cheesy, but his work is multi-layered and his next big project is under wraps.

MochiOshi (Eggplant) – Murasaki Nasukkoshi – $12
SDCC debut

Murasaki is a prince of a gym teacher and every student gets the royal treatment. He’s so proud of them all, talking about them turns him mushy. He would never violet your privacy and he’s always on the mauve. His fuchsia is so bright, he has to wear nightshades.

Geeki Tiki Playhouse Tiki Totem 22oz Ceramic Mug – $35
SDCC first to market

Limited to 184 pieces

Geeki Tiki Aloha Pee-Wee 12oz Ceramic Mug – $30
SDCC first to market

Limited to 154 pieces

Geeki Tiki Big Head Pee-Wee 22oz Ceramic Mug – $40
SDCC first to market

Limited to 154 pieces

Geeki Tiki The Great Garloo 14oz Ceramic Mug – $35
SDCC first to market

Limited to 104 pieces

[UPDATE June 21]

Wednesday Addams Window Pin – $10
LE 1008. SDCC exclusive.

WB 100 Looney Tunes Mystery Machine Pin – $15
SDCC exclusive.

Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny Hat and Lasso Pin – $10
LE 1000. SDCC exclusive.

Naruto Nine Tails Glow in the Dark Pin – $10
LE 1000. SDCC exclusive

WB 100 Looney Tunes and Harry Potter Mash-Up – $30
LE 1000. SDCC exclusive.

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