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Under the Tents 2023: Cat Staggs, Possible Robots, Chris Uminga, J. Scott Campbell, Midnight Dogs, David Mack, Dolph Ziggler

Have you heard enough about toast yet? What about French Toast? I like to caramelize mine in brown sugar and make it a little extra crispy. Try a dash of nutmeg in the egg batter too. You’ll flip you lid and make those weird faces like you’re John Mayer during a guitar solo. Anyway, here’s a bunch of glorious and cool stuff that we’d like you to pay attention to, even though it’s been one of those days where we’re all over stimulated and under fed and probably could use a few minutes away from our screen but please, before you go, here are some amazing tidbits of Comic-Con news.

Let’s take a look at the news that you can use:

  • Midnight Dogs made some of our favorite pins for 2022 and it looks like 2023 might even be better. Chase Spot down at booth #D-5.
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  • Make way for a queen…or, maybe just a Quinn…ok, how about a Harley Quinn? Koto Inc will be at booth #2601 with this glorious 1/6th scale 12″ statue of Harley Quinn, exclusive to the event. Sculpted by Hiroki Hayashi, this Harley Quinn includes what all ladies need: a baseball bat, themed leather jacket and mismatched shoes. Also available to pre-order online.
  • Fann Club Batman writer and artist Jim Benton will be over at the DC booth, #4645 on Saturday, July 22. He’ll sign and draw on almost anything if you put it in front of his face (probably).

  • Some days you feel like a hero and some days you feel like a villain and artist Chris Uminga has perfectly encapsulated that dicotomy in his new print “Happy Bat” that will be hitting San Diego Comic-Con. 

  • We’ve got a mega-collaboration coming in from BB-CRE.8 and Punch It Chewie, two of the finest pin makers in the biz. Stop by booth #1334 for the peekaboo slider BB.8 x Porg mash up, plus 2 podracer options.  Each pin is limited to only 100 pieces.

  • Did you know that there are people who pack fewer shirts than they will need for SDCC because they know they are going to buy new shirts there that they can wear. Geniuses, right? Anyway, here’s a pretty great option for a shirt from Tentacle Kitty, who will be selling them at booth #1501.

  • I’m a little concerned about Charles Stickney. His schedule looks a little packed. I know SDCC is busy for creators but sometimes I worry that they aren’t taking enough care of themselves. Maybe we should all stop by his signing (at the Kickstarter booth, #1632, on Thursday at 1pm) and make sure he’s doing ok and is hydrated enough?

  • The Small Press area is chock full of the most amazing comic creators and it’s worth spending some time perusing the aisles for some great new independent books. That’s where Minerva Fox will be, at #Q-13 with Kwento Comics and her book Mask of Haliya.

  • Wow, and here I thought Charles Stickney was a busy guy, then I got a look at Cat Staggs’ San Diego Comic-Con plans and now I’m convinced that all of the creators must be robots. Not the bad kind who eat old people’s medicine for food, but the good kind who have lots of exclusives and signings and panels and somehow remain upright though it all. Check out Staggs’ plans on their website, which include this exclusive cover for Storm King’s Dark & Twisted, this Wonder Woman print, and more.


  • If you can “hear” this print by artist Tony Brown then you’re probably a fan of The Last of Us. Brown was inspired by the show as well as by the artwork of fellow artist Greg Ruth. The prints will be available at SDCC and the original will also be there on display at booth #DD-07.
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  • Fancy a FREE caricature without having to go to a carnival? Howard Shum is giving them away to the first folks who visit his booth in Artist’s Alley, #DD-24, and says the secret phrase. Now that I think about it, SDCC is a lot like a carnival, isn’t it?

  • Another blockbuster artist is doing a special CGC signing session at San Diego Comic-Con, J. Scott Campbell. This is the only way fans will be able to get graded signature books from Campbell at the event so if you’re interested, drop your books off at booth #901 or #4315.

  • If you have been waiting for the Saturday signings from Mysterious Galaxy, wait no longer. These signings will all take place at the Mysterious Galaxy booth, #1119 and require a ticket so please check with the booth first thing in the morning for all the details. 

  • Look a this tease from these rebel scum…er…I mean from Shag and Beeline. Apparently we’ll have to wait until Thursday, July 13 for the full reveal.
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  • I’m counting one, two, three…FIVE signings and three panels on Eisner nominated creator Ram V’s schedule. This is just making my theory about robots even more and more solid. In any case, here’s his schedule. When he’s not signing or speaking at a panel I presume he’ll be recharging or planning a world takeover. (Probably, not verified. Still just a theory.)

  • Just a hop, skip and a few jumps up the street from the Convention Center is the best comic book store in the area, Now or Never, 1055 F Street, San Diego. Comic creator Devin Kraft will be signing copies of his books Neverender and Silence on Saturday, July 22 from 3pm – 6pm. (Full disclosure: I absolutely typed his name as Kevin Draft twice before getting it right, it’s been a long day!)

  • Headlocked Comics has announced their first SDCC signing; WWE’s Dolph Ziggler. Find Ziggler signing at booth #1901 on Thursday from 2pm until 4pm.

  • While you are at the Headlocked booth for the Ziggler signing, you’ll probably want to check out their exclusive comics too. The first reveal is Tales From the Road by Danhausen and Brody King, which will have a glorious Wolverine homage cover by Brian Silverbax. This exclusive is limited to 200 copies so please don’t drop kick anyone while you’re trying to get to it. Booth #1901, see you there!

  • Well, I think I found my pick for prettiest thing I have seen today, and I looked at pictures of pugs for at least an hour and a half so that is really saying something. David Mack’s print of Neil Gaiman’s Death and Sandman is having a pre-sale to benefit the Hero Initiative this week, or you can find it at Mack’s booth, #HH-07 during Comic-Con. 

  • And finally, for now….It sure seems like Tokusatsu is going to be having at moment at San Diego Comic-Con. The Shout Factory booth, #4118, will have DVD and Blu-ray releases of Super Sentai and Kamen Rider.


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