Under the Tents 2023: Gigi Edgley, Juliet Landau, Art of Miso, Coheed and Cambria

So… here we are again, reading another edition of Under the Tents, looking for that extra juicy San Diego Comic-Con news. Look at you, checking the latest intel on some more teases from Super7 and Patrick Ballesteros. You’re walking into SDCC 2023 a well-informed attendee, because you’re reading about where you can find Gigi Edgley and Coheed and Cambria. That’s what I call making some darned good choices. I’m really proud of you for reading on.

Here’s a look at what you might have missed:

  • Don’t tell Starscream, but Super7’s latest SDCC 2023 exclusive tease gives us a Unicron’s-eye view of the Decepticons’ ruthless leader’s pre-makeover look. 
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  • Who? The voice cast of Disney’s The Owl House at SDCC this year. Who? You know, the ones with the panel on Thursday, July 20 from 12:30-1:30pm PT. Who? I told you, the ones signing in Sails Pavilion on Friday and Saturday. Who? Oh, read our Panels and Autographs posts.
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  • Fans of Buffy the Vampire Slayer actor Juliet Landau can find her during San Diego Comic-Con 2023 at Table #6A signing and personalizing the premier issue of Undead Magazine as well as Room 6BCF on Saturday, July 22 showing trailers for her latest films, Once More with Feeling and A Place Among the Dead.

  • Fans of progressive rock band Coheed and Cambria can stop by their Booth #1732, where lead singer Claudio Sanchez will be signing with spouse/writer Chondra Echert.


  • The brilliantly talented Martin Hsu treated his Twitter followers to some of the beautiful originals he’s bringing with him to Booth #4530 at SDCC this year.

  • Storytellers 0N1 FORCE are excited to debut the poster for their Web3 project debuting at San Diego Comic-Con this year and want to give you a chance to win one on Twitter.

  • Drawn & Quarterly author Rina Ayuyang is coming to Booth #1718 on the Exhibit Hall floor, the San Diego Central Library, and the Marriott Marquis during SDCC this year for signings and panels. I’m out of breath just thinking about all that.

  • Is this an Under the Tents? Yes. Does that mean there’s crochet? Also yes, from SDCC first-timer Franny G, who plans to drop some critters around the convention center this year. Follow her Twitter and Instagram to find out where she’ll be throughout the con.

  • You’ll find John Joseco, creator of The Hunters of Salamanstra, at Keenspot’s Booth #2635 during SDCC 2023 with a special colored edition of Issue 0 as well as some post cards. You can also order a walk-up commission from the artist if you want something really unique.

  • Did you think we were done with crochet? You poor, naïve fool… of course there’s more, this time from Twitter handle @Gomigomigomiday, who will be conducting her own crocheted Baby Yoda critter drops during SDCC this year.

  • Marvel artist Mark Brooks tweeted his first exclusive for SDCC 2023: Variant one of his Dark Phoenix cornerbox variant cover for X-Men #24. Look for this plus the other two variants at Hot Chocolate’s Booth #4901.

  • Brilliant artist and friend of the UBlog Patrick Ballesteros teased some new pins he’ll have with him at Artists’ Alley Table #DD-08. Will they be adorable? You know they will.

  • Farscape‘s Gigi Edgley is no stranger to San Diego Comic-Con. This year, she’s coming with a new comic series she’s creating with Bill Maus, Steve Stern, and Ken F. Levin (The Boys) called The Last Wishing Star. You can check out the new comic and say hi to Edgley at Booth #2001 during the con.

  • Genevieve Santos, “Le Petite Elefant, created this inspired Army Ako pin and is bringing it with her to San Diego Comic-Con. You can find it at Small Press #L-07.
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  • If you grew up with Garbage Pail Kids like I did, you’ll be stopping by Greenlight Collectibles’ Booth #834 during SDCC, where they’ll be handing out stickers to celebrate their newest GPK-themed die-cast cars featuring members of the Greenlight team at their absolute finest.


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