Under the Tents: Mitch Gerads, 100% Soft, Bad Idea, Iron Studios, El Rey Comics

Here at the UBlog, we’re all about teamwork. Which is why Erin Tapken wrote most of the below, but our Editor-in-Chief Kerry Dixon finished this edition off — and is writing this intro, so you’re going to hear about my thoughts on avocado toast. And my thoughts are that Robert is wrong, and avocado toast is great. You prefer eggs for breakfast? Try adding hard-boiled eggs to your avocado toast! With some lemon and cracked pepper. *chef’s kiss* 

What’s that? You’re here for Comic-Con news and not avocado toast news daily?  We’ve also got tons of news on art, signings, and exclusives from 100% Soft, El Rey comics, Mitch Gerads, and so many more.

Let’s take a look at the news:

  • Dumpster fans rejoice. Truck Torrance of 100% Soft will be signing autographs on Saturday, July 22 from 11am to 1:30pm at Booth #1335. Huzzah! And if you missed out on his Marvel Studios Phase 4 poster if you missed your chance to get it, they will be selling a scant few copies during the signing for $70.
  • Can I get a hearty ME-YOW! Jason Edmiston will have the kitty cat lovers and Spider-Verse lovers and the Spider-Cat lovers. Expect a print at San Diego Comic-Con.

  • Genevieve Santos is on a roll, and rolling out some new stickers for San Diego Comic-Con. Catch their debut at Small Press L-08
  • You’ll have double the chances to get a free copies Bad Idea’s Save Now. Attend their panel and receive one, attend their Tiki Party and receive another. Attend both and you just became the coolest person at the con.

  • Here’s a great chance to get some Frank Miller comics signed and graded by CGC. Miller will be participating in a private signing for CGC at San Diego Comic-Con. Attendees can submit books for signing and grading at booth #901 or #4315. You can see all the details on their site.

  • Looks like the SKybound booth might have some cosplayers of Invincible character Atom Eve, if we’re reading this Tweet from professional cosplayer Gracie correctly.

  • They ladies cosplay all day, every day…but they do it for the Gaslamp Museum at 410 Island Ave, San Diego. If you see them you might just snag some stickers or other museum swag. 

  • I’ve been thinking real hard about what kind of gift to bring back to my stellar employee, Kyle, who loves all things Supergirl and especially loves Mitch Gerads. Kyle is working extra days for me while I’ll be enjoying San Diego Comic-Con, so when I saw this I knew I had my answer. Gerads will have this print at the Comic Sketch Art booth, signed and remarqued, with an additional signature by Tom King. Limited to 100 copies. 

  • Executive Producer of Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur won’t be on a panel next week, but he’s still coming to San Diego Comic-Con, and in this video promises a surprise. It it’s not Devil Dinosaur rising up out of San Diego Bay then I will be disappointed.

  • Come get up close and personal with a dragon… in this new holographic print by award-winning artist April Solomon at Booth #1605.

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  • El Rey Comics will have two powerhouses at Booth #F-10 this year — Jenny Frison and Joelle Jones will be signing on Friday, July 21 from 1pm-2pm and on Saturday, July 22 from 2pm-3pm.
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If you missed our previous opinions about avocado toast, you can find them HERE.

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