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Twitter & Instagram Tips: Who To Follow ‘Inside’ Comic-Con 2023 Edition

With not long to go, now is when some of the most important planning for San Diego Comic-Con takes place. Just like the start of a sport’s season, the month leading up to the opening is crucial for a successful season. We revisit this topic each year and have found that one of the most frequently underestimated components of preparation for the “King of Cons” is the use of Twitter and Instagram. Sure, there are tons of Twitter lists out there, but you don’t want your feed to be cluttered when reception is at a low and traffic is at a high. So we’re being careful about the list and breaking this into two pieces: inside and outside. Just like our team-up to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of hotels inside and outside the Gaslamp, we’re taking the same approach to Twitter and Instagram accounts. This time we’re covering all of the most important follows with the businesses inside the convention center and next time we’ll focus on all the SDCC that happens outside of SDCC.

Here are some of our favorite exhibitors and properties to help give the edge on giveaways and SDCC news:

100% Soft (Twitter, Instagram) – What more do we need to say except… Dumpster Fire.

Bait (Twitter, Instagram) – Collector toys and apparel. Also has a shop in the Gaslamp.

Bandai (Twitter, Instagram) – Has exclusive Anime merch as well as many other famous brands like Marvel, DragonBall, and Godzilla.

Blizzard Entertainment (Twitter, Instagram) – American video game developer that has created things like Diablo, Warcraft, and Overwatch.

Boom! Studios (Twitter, Instagram) – Another popular comic book company with a big booth presence. Follow along for tweets and status on their events.

Comedy Central (Twitter, Instagram) – Always has a fun booth promoting their shows.

Comic-Con International (Twitter, Instagram) – Do we need to give an explanation? These are the people who bring us the event we love the most.

Comic-Con Museum (Twitter, Instagram) – This is a place you can enjoy Comic-Con and pop culture exhibits all year long.

Committed Comics (Twitter) – The location of the coveted Prize Mule trading cards. Each morning a password will be given out to receive the cards. You can find them in the Small Press L-09.

Crunchyroll (Twitter, Instagram) – The largest collection of anime. Have had really cool booths at the con in the past.

Dark Horse Comics – (Twitter, Instagram) – Returning to the floor after missing last year.

DC  (Twitter, Instagram) – Always rich with giveaways and panels. Expect lots from DC this year at SDCC. They are back on the floor after skipping last year!

Disney Publishing (Twitter, Instagram) – Have a wide selection of books staring your favorite characters from Star Wars, Disney, Marvel, and Pixar.

Disney Television Studio (Twitter, Instagram) -Will incorporate even more than normal by bringing ABC, FOX, Hulu, Disney +, and FX all to the same booth.

DKE (Twitter, Instagram) – Vinyl designer of toy figurines.

Entertainment Earth (Twitter, Instagram) – Follow along on Twitter for more information about their autographs and SDCC exclusives.

Factory Entertainment (Twitter, Instagram) – Some of our very favorite people, selling some of our very favorite items. Follow along for inventory updates and cool things.

FiGPiN (Twitter, Instagram) – Enamel character pins such as Disney, DC, Marvel, DragonBall, MTV, Netflix, NBA, and many more.

Funko (Twitter, Instagram) – Funko will be tweeting updates — so stay tuned to them for updates on that.

Germain Lussier (Twitter) – Germain always provides some of the best coverage of the con — so be sure to follow along.

Hallmark (Twitter, Instagram) – The makers of pop culture ornaments, small plush characters, pins, and much more.

Hasbro (Twitter, Instagram) – From Star Wars to Transformers exclusives, Hasbro offers some of the best and most sought-after exclusives around. We can’t wait what they have in store for this year.

Her Universe (Twitter, Instagram) – Ashley Eckstein’s fashion brand. Stop by the booth to get some exclusives and see what else Ashley is up to. Also on Thursday night you can attend the Her Universe Fashion Show.

IDW Publishing (Twitter, Instagram) – Not only does IDW have a great catalog of great comics, but they are also local to San Diego. Follow along for the latest happenings at their booth.

Image Comics (Twitter, Instagram) – The third-largest comics publisher in the US, follow them for booth signings, giveaways, and special events.

Legion M (Twitter, Instagram) – Fan owned entertainment company.

LEGO (Twitter, Instagram) – Look out for the coveted minifigures as well as other con exclusives.

Lucasfilm (Instagram) – They always have a great booth with some really cool photo opportunities.

Marvel (Twitter, Instagram) – What is the next step for the Marvel dynasty? Follow and find out. They also announce their booth events and giveaways via Twitter throughout the con, so this one is essential.

Mattel (Twitter, Instagram) – One of the most sought after exclusives at the con. In years past they have had exclusives for Jurassic World, WWE, Pixar, Masters of the Universe, and many more.

Mondo (Twitter, Instagram) – Mondo’s limited posters are highly sought-after, so stay on top of the drops during SDCC by following their Twitter account for announcements.

Monkey Minion (Twitter, Instagram) – Looking for some art that showcases the convention look no further.

NECA (Twitter, Instagram)- An awesome place to get some cool exclusives.

Nickelodeon (Twitter, Instagram) – Nickelodeon always goes big with exclusives, giveaways, signings, and more.

Paramount+ (Twitter, Instagram) – Paramount+ will be back on the floor this year. The map lists just Star Trek but we wouldn’t be shocked if there were other shows promoted at the booth as well.

Patrick Ballesteros (Twitter, Instagram) – Artist Patrick Ballesteros has some of our favorite items in Artists’ Alley – and he often sells out of his exclusives. Follow along for updates.

Priscilla Wilson (Twitter, Instagram) – Look out for Priscilla’s Soonay figures, pins, prints, and giveaway stickers at her booth in artist alley.

RSVLTS (Twitter, Instagram) – Create shirts for all your favorite fandoms.

Scholastic (Twitter, Instagram) – Stop by their booth for author signings and much more.

SD Convention Center (Twitter, Instagram) – Where better to get Comic-Con organizational news than the people who own the house?

Skybound (Twitter, Instagram) – Home of Robert Kirkman’s creator-owned projects including The Walking Dead and Outcast.

Super7 (Twitter, Instagram) – Super7 have so much going on this year, with exclusives at their booth and their two Pop-Up Shops at their retail location in the Gaslamp. They will sell out of items, so follow along.

Symbiote Studios (Twitter, Instagram) – Stop by their booth and see Catnip Bravo and take a look at all their exclusives.

Toddland (Twitter, Instagram) – Toddland is rad. They have Bob’s Burgers, American Dad, and Family Guy merch. And they will be back inside the convention center. Need any more of an excuse to follow them?

UCC (Instagram) – Toy distributor with a lot of cool exclusives. They work with people like Marvel, Disney, Star Wars, DC, Rick and Morty, and many more.

Val Hochberg (Twitter, Instagram) – Val Hochberg is the creator of Mystery Babylon — and you can find her in Small Press with tons of adorable original art, prints, and more.

VIZ (Twitter, Instagram) – Japanese – American entertainment company that brings many Manga and Anime exclusives to the con.

Yesterdays (Twitter, Instagram) – Stop by Yesterdays booth to see all their incredible enamel pins.

Want to follow all of these accounts? We’ve made a helpful Twitter List that you can find here!

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