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Yesterdays San Diego Comic-Con 2023 Exclusives [UPDATE July 17]

Yesterdays have established themselves as one of the most in-demand booths on the show floor, with their SDCC heart pins, a variety of fandom offerings, and beautiful designs.

You can find them on the show floor at Booth #1028, where they’ll have pins, tees, and more.

Here’s a look at this year’s exclusives:

[UPDATE July 17]

Yesterdays aren’t done with their announcements yet. You’ll want to stop by Booth #1028 to pick up their The Walking Dead 1 Slabs Collectible Card, from their new line of Slabs 2.5″x3.5″ comic book art prints are sealed in 100% UV protected acrylic cases, blind-boxed collectibles. The art card features The Walking Dead 15th Anniversary Issue 1 cover art by Charlie Adlard, and has a 1:10 chance of scoring a Blue Foil Variant signed by creator Robert Kirkman. It will be available for $20.

[UPDATE July 14 #3]

Here’s some news that isn’t tragic — Yesterdays have another collaboration at the con, with Tragic Girls, making its SDCC debut. They’ve teamed up for not one, not two, but three San Diego Comic-Con exclusive pins, which are limited to 100 pieces each. You’ll be able to stop by either Yesterdays Booth #1028 or the Threadless Booth #4931 to pick yours up for $10 each.

[UPDATE July 14 #2]

For those not heading to San Diego Comic-Con this year, Yesterdays knows you might be feeling a little glum… and wants to turn that frown upside down with their latest announcement.

They’ll be launching online exclusives for those missing the show, starting Wednesday, July 19 at 6pm PT through Sunday, July 23 at 11:50pm PT, with orders shipping in August. These items will be timed open edition, so there’s no need to rush so long as you order within that time period.

And while there are more items still to be revealed in Yesterdays’ mailing list, the real showstopper is the “Wish I Were Here” online exclusive heart pin, which will be available for $10.

[UPDATE July 14]

Come fall in love with Yesterdays’ True Romance 30th Anniversary Pin Set. For this San Diego Comic-Con exclusive, they’ve teamed up with Hero Complex Gallery for their debut collaboration. The four-pin set features four iconic images from the 1993 film, including, of course, the iconic car.

It’s limited to 300 pieces, and will be available at Booth Yesterdays Booth #1028 and Hero Complex Gallery Booth #4501 for $30.

[UPDATE July 12]

Yesterdays is launching more of their new sketchbooks at San Diego Comic-Con, including a new official collaboration with comics legend Pat Gleason. Gleason has pencilled for flagship titles at both DC and Marvel, including his Web Head comic covers and work on The Amazing Spider-Man.

At the convention, you’ll find two editions of Gleason’s sketchbook, including a Standard Black Edition and a Deluxe White Version. The standard black version comes with a Mystery Art Card featuring unreleased process artwork from one of Gleason’s many incredible comic covers. It’s limited to 50, and will be available for $40.

The deluxe white edition features a hand-drawn original artwork bookplate by Gleason on the inside cover and also comes with a Mystery Art Card featuring unreleased process artwork. It’s limited to 50 pieces, and will be available for $200.

[UPDATE July 11]

Has your HEART rate returned to normal? Good, because we have more Yesterday pins for you and we don’t want any incidents.

Yesterdays will be offering a FREE logo lanyard with every purchase of $50 or more at the booth. And YES! Pre-ordered T-shirts will count towards the amount for those picking up and purchasing. Purchasing more? Then you’ll get a coin for purchases of $100 and again the pre-ordered shirts count towards that amount as well.

Roll for initiative with this RPG Dice 6 Pin Set (Blood & Gold Edition). For $20 you’re going to get six pins plus a red velvet carrying pouch. These pins feature polished gold plating and clear blood red red enamel. The set is limited to 200.
Look up from your Switch, just for a moment, and take in the glory of this Hylian Shield pin. 3D molded polished silver iconic shield, limited to 200 for $10.
Return to the mighty seas with this Our Flag Means Death Stede & Black Beard 2-Pin Set. This set is also limited to 200 and will run you $20.
Declare your allegiance to the best Batman. There, I said it, he’s the best. Don’t @ me. The Keaton pin is gold plated hard enamel, limited to 200 pieces and priced at $10.
And lastly, it’s an all new set of pins inspired by I Think You Should Leave. Each pin is $10 but as a full set you can get it for the bargain price of $40. That’s forty dollars, not bones, we’re not skeletons after all.

[UPDATE July 10]

It’s the announcement you’ve been waiting for… the heart pins are BACK!

Yesterdays will have a new SDCC 2023 exclusive enamel pin in a new variant for 2023. This 1.25″ polished gold plated hard enamel pin is limited to 1500 pieces, and this version will be available Wednesday, July 19 – Sunday, July 23, for $10.

They will also have their daily exclusive heart pins (with a different design daily) for Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday of San Diego Comic-Con. You’ll have to follow them on Threads to catch the new artwork, revealed each morning of the con starting Thursday, July 20.

Here’s a look at the main exclusive, available every day:

[UPDATE July 7]

Yesterdays is partnering with Yo Gabba Gabba to release a special 5-pin set at San Diego Comic-Con, celebrating the beloved series’ 15th anniversary. Each pin features glitter enamels with a jewelry finish. You can get the set for $25 at Booth #1028, and it’s limited to 500 pieces.

[UPDATE July 5]

Top Cow have teamed up with Yesterdays at San Diego Comic-Con for some brand new products.

Yesterdays is launching their new line of collectible cards, Slabs, at the convention. These 2.5″x3.5″ comic book art prints are sealed in 100% UV protected acrylic cases, blind-boxed, and feature foil, variant, and chase covers to collect. To kick things off at SDCC, fans can stop by either Top Cow Booth #2629 or Yesterdays Booth #1028 to pick up the debut Slabs Witchblade 170 (LE 500), which features Marc Silvestri’s homage to his classic X-Men cover, and Cyber Force #1 (LE 500) cover Slabs card, also from Silvestri. 

Every Slabs purchase has a 1:5 chances of getting a signed edition with Silvestri’s signature on the front of the card, and you can pick up the Slabs cards for $20 each (again, at either the Top Cow Booth #2629 or Yesterdays Booth #1028). For both, there is a limit of two per person.

The two companies have also teamed up for an 11×14 Witchblade art print by Ukrainian pin-up artist Sveta Shubina, the first officially licensed SDCC exclusive from Shubina. There will be two variants available: A Top Cow exclusive with yellow background at Booth #2629, and a Yesterdays exclusive with purple background at Booth #1028. Each print will be limited to 250 pieces and available for $40, and comes hand numbered on high quality linen paper.


[UPDATE July 1 – #2]

Today’s Yesterdays’ reveals are all about gaming from some of the biggest titles, starting with Samus, a hard enamel pin with glitter enamel, which is limited to 200 pieces and will be available for $10.

There’s also Master Sword, the perfect exclusive to adventure around Hyrule with. It’s a 3D enamel pin with polished silver plating and limited to 200 pieces. Battle your way to get it for $10.

And finally today, you’ll feel like a God with this Blades of Chaos (Gold Edition) exclusive, which is also a 3D enamel pin with polished gold plating and a 4″ gold chain. It’s limited to 200 pieces, and will be available for $15.

[UPDATE July 1]

Yesterdays’ annual Collector Coin is back! This year’s design features the words San Diego, California and the San Diego Convention Center, as well as Yesterdays’ name and July 2023 on the reverse.

But new this year, it will be free with all purchased of $100 or more at Booth #1028, while supplies last. No treasure hunt required, so you can put your pirate hat away this year.

[UPDATE June 23]

Prepare to show off your school spirit with Yesterdays’ Nevermore Academy hard enamel pin, which will be available for $10 at Booth #1028.

[UPDATE June 22]

Yesterdays is speeding into San Diego Comic-Con with another exclusives reveal today, this time for a Toy Car 3D Enamel Pin. You don’t have to battle Gotham’s baddies to score it either — simply head to Booth #1028 to purchase one for $10. It’s a limited edition of 200 pieces.

There’s also a Chase Gold Toy Car pin, though, but to score it, you’ll have to solve a mystery. We kid, but you will have to try your hand with one of Yesterdays’ Mystery Boxes. There are 300 mystery boxes in total, available for $20 each, and each box contains five pins of out-of-print, rare, and random pins (note that pins shown below are merely an example, and exact pins will vary between boxes). But there’s also a 1:3 chance of scoring the Chase Gold Toy Car pin in each box.

[UPDATE June 20]

This year, Yesterdays is launching a new product at San Diego Comic-Con — gorgeous sketchbooks. All sketchbooks are 5.25″x8.25″ and feature a  vegan leather hardcover, with Smyth Sewn Binding. Each notebook contains 80 blank pages for you to fill in, with thick high quality 120gsm paper. You’ll also get a ribbon bookmark and elastic band closure, to keep your sketchbook safe and secure.

All sketchbooks feature the Yesterdays imprint on the back cover:

They’ll have two exclusive covers at San Diego Comic-Con, including a Yesterdays Hardcover Sketchbook SDCC Cover, available in both black and yellow. Each colorway is a limited edition of 100, and a limit of one per person, for $20 each.

While not exclusives, you’ll also be able to pick up two regular sketchbook editions at the con, a Sketchbook Necronomicon Cover and a Sketchbook D20 Cover, each for 20, and with limited copies available for $20 each.

[UPDATE May 17]

But wait, there’s more! In addition to Yesterdays’ white and black comics-inspired ode to San Diego, there’s actually a second colorway. Starting Thursday, May 18 at 10am PT, fans will be able to pre-order the San Diego Ringer Tee in either the white/black colorway (as seen yesterday), or this gray/black colorway. They will be available for $30 each for pre-order for in-booth pick-up only.

In addition, Yesterdays have teamed up again with Misfits for a new exclusive. Following the tradition of last year’s Comic Cover homage, they’ve created a brand new homage, inspired by The Invincible Iron Man No. 128 “Demon In A Bottle”. The new artwork is by LAmour Supreme, and will be available as a t-shirt, which you can pre-order for either in-booth pick-up or for shipping.

Each t-shirt will come with a limited edition trading card, with the full color trading cards only being available as a SDCC exclusive. For those who select shipping, you’ll get an Online Edition of the trading card that will ship with the t-shirt. Pick up either edition for $35, starting Thursday, May 18 at 10am PT.

The Invincible Iron Man No. 128 "Demon In A Bottle" original cover


[UPDATE May 16]

After the success of last year’s Yesterdays San Diego tee, they’re bringing the theme back, in a new, fun design. This year’s San Diego 23 Ringer Tee will be available on their website starting this Thursday, May 18 for pre-order at the con, for booth pick-up in San Diego. Snag it for $30 starting at 10am PT on Thursday.


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