San Diego Comic-Con 2023 Commissions – Part Two

San Diego Comic-Con is a truly magical place, but to us, Artists’ Alley (and Small Press, and the show floor…) is one of the most magical β€” because of the artists. Where else do you find this level of talent all in one place?

Here at the UBlog, we’re also big fans of original art β€” and we helped connect our readers to artists all year long with our list of Open Commissions, so that you could take home some truly one-of-a-kind, personal art pieces.

But what did the final results look like for many of our readers? We asked you β€” so let’s take a look:

Good Omens by Brianna Cherry Garcia

Community – Jeff & Annie by Val Hochberg

Good Omens Crowley + Venom Eddie Brick by Eggdrop Ramen

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