Under the Tents 2024: Dan Veesenmeyer, Super7, Patrick Ballesteros, Chris Maze

When I was in school, my teachers taught me to be concise and speak my mind using as few words as possible. Then, when I went to college, I had to write thousand-word essays about topics that warranted 200 at best. I quickly learned how to pad my papers with some flowery language. Most importantly, I learned how to say the same thing in a lot of different ways without being redundant, repetitive, or unnecessarily wordy. Confirmations went out to those waiting to hear if they’ll be in the Exhibit Hall at San Diego Comic-Con 2024 last week, so this edition of Under the Tents will see how many different ways Andy can say someone is going to be at SDCC this coming year. Let’s find out.

Here’s a look at what you might have missed:

  • ThunderCats, ho! I’ll save all of you the Sheldon Cooper-esue rant about how “ho” is an indication of the presence of an object (i.e.: “land, ho”) and just let you know that collectibles giant Super7 is teasing a “Top Secret” ThunderCats reveal at San Diego Comic-Con 2024. Sword of Omens, give me sight beyond sight… nope, we’ll have to wait for SDCC and see what it will be.
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  • Artist Martin Hsu has been waiting for this for 12 years – He’s bringing back his Dragon Boy figures to commemorate 2024’s Year of the Dragon. This year’s set will be a collaborative series among Hsu and his friends with more details to come soon.
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  • One of our favorite artists, Val Hochberg, received her confirmation that she will be back on the Exhibit Hall floor for Comic-Con 2024.


  • Of course, our good friend, talented artist, and all-around great guy Patrick Ballesteros will be back at SDCC in 2024 with his usual cuteness.


  • While you’re at it, let artist Don Nguyen know you’ll be monkeying around with him in the Exhibit Hall during Comic-Con 2024.


  • Normally, we’d save the cherry on top for the end, but you’ve been so patient with us that we’ll give it to you now. Super-talented artist Brianna “Cherry” Garcia has been confirmed to be on the Exhibit Hall floor at SDCC 2024.


  • Another excited artist will be back in her usual spot this year; Leanne Huynh is bringing her brand of adorable back to Artists’ Alley HH-08.


  • Does a bear… get into Comic-Con? When it’s illustrator Brian Bear, it looks like yes, he does. Welcome to Artists’ Alley!


  • Prolific artist and author Steve Bryant will also be back at SDCC this coming year at Small Press Table #L-01.


  • If you thought matadors only fought bulls, think again. Don’t believe me? Ask Monster Matador when you see them at San Diego Comic-Con in 2024.


  • Local San Diego indie comic artist Vince “Eggdrop Ramen” Alvendia announced that we’ll see him again at Comic-Con this coming year, too.


  • Indie publishing company The Yaoi Army describes themselves as a “startup publishing company focusing on original and uncensored boys’ love content.” We’ll learn more about what that means when they’re at SDCC this summer.


  • It’s happening. Designer/illustrator Chris Maze isn’t panicking, and we aren’t either, because he’s going to be back at SDCC 2024 with Dial R Studios.


  • Fans of LEGO artist Dan Veesenmeyer will be thrilled to note that he’s been approved for his Artists’ Alley spot at San Diego Comic-Con this coming year.


  • Unfortunately, if you look for author/illustrator Josh Figueroa in Artists’ Alley at SDCC this summer, you won’t find him. Fig Studios got an upgrade, so you’ll have to go to Small Press to find his work in 2024. 
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Anything we missed? Did you expect stories about toast? Let us know by dropping us a line, or tweet us at @SD_Comic_Con.

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