WonderPost 2024: Brian Bear, Patrick Ballesteros, Priscilla Wilson, Diwata Komics, David Mack

We are creeping ever closer to March which means that all the news and tidbits regarding WonderCon 2024 are starting to come a little bit faster. Today we have a few more attending announcements, some exclusive teases, and more cosplay photoshoots than you could ever imagine.

Let’s take a look at the news you might have missed:

  • We can always count on Don Nguyen to share some of his fellow exhibitors locations before the official lists come out, and for that, we appreciate him.

  • Cartoonist Brian Bear is channeling his animal instincts by working on some animal stickers for the convention. Looks like it’s always “Tongue Out Tuesday” for that doggo!

  • Do you want to see a Patrick Ballesteros WonderCon work in progress for The Bear? Can I get a “Yes, Chef!”

  • Jeff Pina has been working hard to finish his sci-fi/ horror comic Ghostronaut and looks like all that hard work has paid off because the comic will be blasting off at WonderCon.

  • Ever popular, and always busy, artist David Mack will be crisscrossing the continent but making it back to Anaheim for WonderCon. Better start gathering up all those comics to bring for him to sign!

  • It appears that panel submissions are starting to come back and Julian Jetson took to Twitter to announce that the popular Gay Geeks And Where To Find Them panel will once again be at WonderCon. Details should be revealed a few weeks before the convention.

  • WonderCon is traditionally the first convention of the year for many attendees as well as creators and exhibitors, including artist Matt “Batt” Banning.

  • We’ll have to wait a little longer for all the details, but diversity-focused publisher Diwata Komics announced on Twitter that they will be at WonderCon with special guests, panels and exclusives, or, actually, that’s EXCLUSIVES!ย 

  • Award-winning production company 5R Productions has something cooking for their WonderCon panel, featuring at least five special guests, and possibly more. With the breadth of credentials of this group, you know the panel will be interesting.

  • Did you really attend a convention if you don’t need an extra bag to carry all your purchases in? Artist Kelsi Jo Silva will have you covered with two new tote bag designs available at WonderCon.

  • Author and journalist Cory Doctrow has a brand new book due out on February 20, The Bezzle, and WonderCon might be a good opportunity to get it signed. Doctorow posted his schedule on Twitter and it includes an appearance at WonderCon.

  • Have you been patiently waiting to see what Priscilla Wilson will be bringing to WonderCon? Well, you will have to wait a little bit longer, but Wilson did give us a tiny tease that left us seeing stars.

  • Over on Bluesky, creator Dean Rullan is looking for some good suggestions about what attendees would like to see at his Small Press table at WonderCon.

  • Also on Bluesky, Elvira in Monsterland writer David Avallone confesses his love for networking and that he will be moderating a WonderCon panel called “Where’s the Front Door.”

  • Here’s another Bluesky post for you (note: they have opened it up to anyone who wants an account now, no invite necessary, so of course we’re going to look there for info, it’s what we do! ANYWAY…back to the post!) A.L. Raden, writer and illustrator, is excited to be a first time WonderCon Artist Alley exhibitor. Be sure to hop over and make her feel welcome!

  • Independent publisher of sci-fi and horror stories, Spectral Ink, is making their WonderCon debut next month. Make sure to stop by and see what they have been working on.ย 

  • And lastly today, artist Ellen Ma is working on some original art for WonderCon and it’s really giving off some spring vibes. Can’t wait to see what else they bring.

Do you have tickets for WonderCon 2024 yet? You still have time.ย 

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And if you have missed any of our previous WonderPosts,ย you can find them here.

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