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WonderPost 2024: CGC, Anomaly, Patrick Ballesteros, Collider, Don Nguyen

Did you realize that Leap Year this year is making us wait one extra day for WonderCon 2024? Rude! OK, that’s all the bad news we have for you today. The rest of the WonderCon news you’ll find in this WonderPost edition is very, very good if you’re into meeting brilliant artists, which you must be, since you’re reading this post. I don’t want to hold you up any longer, since you’re clearly looking for WonderCon 2024 news like teases from Collider, which artists have WonderCon on their schedule, and how to get your precious items officially graded, among others.

Here’s a look at what you might have missed:

  • If you’ve been meaning to get that one special comic book, video game, home video collectible, or sports/non-sports card certified, CGC will once again be at WonderCon this year taking submissions. Visit their website to see how you can get on their list.

  • Shannon from Fiat Lux Illustration will be attending a grand total of one convention this year, and it just happens to be Artists’ Alley at WonderCon 2024.
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  • The Editor-in-Chief of pop culture news juggernaut Collider, Steven Weintraub, dropped a teaser on Twitter for “something cool” they have in the works for WonderCon this year. Whatever he has planned, it will be a panel on Saturday… but we’ll have to stay tuned for more details. Could it be a Directors on Directors panel with some A-list names, similar to the ones he’s hosted at San Diego Comic-Con? Could the gif below be a tease?

  • Even super-talented artists get the blues sometimes, and when they decide to draw it out, it’s usually something amazing, like Patrick Ballesteros’ Bluey that’s putting a big smile on my face. Our biggest question is if Ballesteros’ other tease of The Bear is somehow related. Either way, you’ll find him at Artists’ Alley Table #AA-07 during WonderCon 2024, where you’ll be able to pick up several of his most recent pieces, including his Dragon Dance series and a recent collab.

  • Freelance artist Dylan Bonner is getting the call to the big leagues. He’ll be tabling for the first time at WonderCon this year and wants to know what you want to see at his table (number TBA).
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  • Fans of illustrator Katie Shaw’s Dragon Child series will see her at WonderCon Anaheim this year, according to her upcoming convention schedule.
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  • Character illustrator Brooke Regaldo posted her upcoming convention schedule to her Instagram page, and if you guessed she’s coming to WonderCon this year, you’d be correct.
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  • Another brilliant artist/illustrator who has WonderCon 2024 on her schedule is Demi Chen, who announced via her Instagram she’ll be tabling for the first time in Artists’ Alley.
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  • The studio behind the sci-fi epic graphic novel Anomaly will have some of their best work with them heavily discounted at WonderCon 2024. 

  • Artist Emily Chiang tweeted her 2024 con schedule, and it looks like she’s bringing her super cute and fun merch from Emii Creations to WonderCon this year.

  • Sword of Omens, give me sight beyond sight! Yes, I see it now… artist Sean Forney bringing sketch covers of the mighty Panthro with him to WonderCon 2024. ThunderCats, Hooooo!

  • It’s official: artist Robert Gardner is approved to bring his Art of GARD to WonderCon Anaheim 2024, where he’ll be in Artists’ Alley with some of his epic digital drawings.

  • Artist Don Nguyen is cooking up something extra special for WonderCon attendees this year. For those who purchase original art from him, you’ll also receive a Pablo the Gorilla tote. You’ll also be able to pick up his work with Upper Deck on their WandaVision and Midnight Sons decks.

  • Get ready to blast off with Critical Entertainment and their new comic book Planetary Expansion, which will be available at WonderCon at Booth #1309.

Do you have tickets for WonderCon 2024 yet? You still have time

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