WonderPost 2024: Bruce Dickinson, Val Hochberg, Babs Tarr, California Browncoats

Time keeps on ticking…ticking….ticking….closer to WonderCon. Deadlines are being crunched as we speak. Some creators and exhibitors are sweating bullets. Some cosplayers are hunched over their sewing machines and haven’t seen the daylight since February. But not us, we are cool as a cucumber and twice as tasty. We have been scouring social media for all the good exclusives, premieres, debuts, signings and more and now we’re here to share them with you. Enjoy!

Let’s take a look at all the tasty news:

  • Writer of IDW’s T.M.N.T. Saturday Morning Adventures will be signing comics. According to a post on Blue Sky, you can find him at booth #1009 on Saturday at noon to get those signatures.


  • Bruce Dickinson of the legendary band Iron Maiden is stepping into the comic realm with his graphic novel The Mandrake Project. Fans who purchase the book or the deluxe edition of Iron Maiden’s Piece of Mind will be able to participate in a signing on Saturday at booth #1500.

  • Independent and diversity focused comic publisher Diwata Komiks has announced four more special guests who will be signing at their booth this weekend. In addition, attendees to their panel on Suday will receive a free print.
    • Friday – Nilo Juaneza, Mark AJ Nazal, Kian Joshua, 
    • Saturday – Nilo Juaneza, Mark AJ Nazal, Joe Arciaga, Kian Joshua
    • Sundau – Mark AJ Nazal, Kian Joshua,
  • Artists Alley booth #A-15 will be the hottest place in the room at WonderCon, because that’s where you can find Babs Tarr and her new X-Men ’97 prints. Which one is calling to you? It’s Gambit, right?

  • Artist Ed Pirrie has something BIG for WonderCon. We mean, really BIG. Pirrie will have an exclusive cover for IDW’s Godzilla: Best of Destroyah collection. We think this might be available at the IDW booth but are still waiting for confirmation.

  • Artist and illustrator Jenisse Taylor, who hails from Salt Lake City, recently posted a couple of special items that they will have at their Artist Alley booth, #B-50, a new print and a notepad.
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  • Rick Lopez is bringing along copies of his Mega Man inspired comic, Mega Mini. You can pick up your own copy at Artist Alley booth #D-59. The original cover art will also be available for purchase.
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  • The Oh! Anime Shop has invited voice actor Erica Erica Schroeder of One Piece, Pokémon and more for a signing on Saturday at their booth, #DL-7.
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  • ASIFA-Hollywood has long been a champion of the art of animation. They are inviting fans to meet with one of their members, award winning filmmaker and game designer, Aaron Harris. Harris will be be at the ASIFA-Hollywood booth, #1610 on both Friday and Saturday.

  • If you like badge ribbons as much as I like badge ribbons then you’ll want to make note of Curt Merlo’s booth, Artist Alley #E-35. Merlo, the 2023 2023 Ignatz Nominee for Outstanding Artist on the graphic novel That Distant Fire, will be offering free badge ribbons for those who stop by.

  • Shiny! Join the California Browncoats Meet-Up on Saturday, March 30 at 8pm, which will also serve as a send-off to the beloved Downtown Disney Tortilla Jo’s restaurant ahead of its permanent closing on Sunday night. Go give them a proper Browncoats goodbye.

  • The Power Morphicon Booth #1347 is bringing some POWER-ful special guests this weekend. Stop by all weekend long to meet Mighty Morphin Power Rangers actor Walter Jones (the original Black Ranger), Farscape actress Gigi Edgley (Chiana), and Star Wars actor Spencer Wilding (Darth Vader in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story; actor and special creature performer).
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  • Celebrate the magical combination of coffee and reading with this new sticker set from illustrator Cathleen Abalos. She’ll have a limited amount at WonderCon #B-37 in Artists Alley.
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  • Handcrafted Geekdom swung by to show off some more Spider-Man art in the form of this “Spidey Sense” print, which you can pick up at #F-21.
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  • Artist Demi Chen’s beautiful new “Star Dancer” print will be debuting at WonderCon this weekend, at #B-44 in Artists Alley. If you wished upon a star for multiple size options, then wishes do come true, because it will be available in both 5″x7″ and 8″x10″.
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  • Jerry Gaylord, story and development artist for What If?X-Men 97, and more, will be doing commissions on-site at #C-10 and #C-11 this weekend. Stop by to catch him and illustrator Penelope “Peng-Peng” Gaylord. But hurry, because we have a feeling Jerry’s going to be one popular guy drawing a lot of X-Men ’97 commissions this weekend.
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  • This new bee kitty keychain from Joanna Garcia (Fierce Fantasy Designs) is all the buzzzz. Fly on over to #E-47 in Artists Alley to pick up yours.
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  • On Friday night, join The Idiot’s Lantern Sketch Comedy Show at 9pm in Room 300A for a pop-culturified sketch show. They’ll have seven live, performed sketches across fandoms, including DC, Star Wars, Star Trek, Doctor Who, and more — and also be giving away an IL fridge magnet for all panel/show attendees.

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