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Yesterdays WonderCon 2024 Exclusives [UPDATE March 29]

How can one tiny piece of enamel and metal create so much joy? If you don’t know the answer, just ask Yesterdays, the enamel pin company who have quickly established themselves as one of the must-stop booths on any show floor. Their limited edition pins, tees, and other pop culture items have become highly coveted at both WonderCon and San Diego Comic-Con, thanks in no small part to their genius “I Miss San Diego” heart pins introduced in 2020.

This year at WonderCon, you’ll find them all weekend long at Booth #1130 with brand new exclusives:

[UPDATE March 29]

Yesterdays is always busy cooking up fun surprises for attendees — and this year they have two surprise WonderCon drops, just revealed today. Stop by Booth #1130 to pick up these new color variants, available for $10 each.

[UPDATE March 27]

Yesterdays has a few more tricks up their sleeve, including new enamel Pin-Ups by Sveta Shubina. There are three pins in the set: Hell’s Belle (LE 100), Play Time (LE 100), and Voyeur (LE 100). You can pick them up for $10 each.

You can also level up your exclusives game with their RPG-inspired “Critical Success Chained” and “Critical Failure” 2-pin hard enamel sets, which will be available for $15 each, and each is a LE of 200.

[UPDATE March 26 #2]

Your favorite heroes in a half shell (and a few of their frenemies) have been hitting the ooze a bit hard lately — and there’s “Mutant Madness” about to be unleashed with these new pins heading to WonderCon. You can pick them up for $10 each, or get the full set of six for $40. It’s a LE of 200.

[UPDATE March 26]

For the last several years, Yesterdays has created one of the most beloved exclusives for San Diego Comic-Con (WonderCon’s larger sister show), in the form of their iconic heart pins. Those pins perfectly capture the love and feeling of that con, all with fun design elements. Now for WonderCon, they’re paying homage to the convention with an exclusive WonderCon 2024 pin. It’s limited to just 500 pieces, and will be available at Booth #1130 for $10 with daily, limited allotments.

[UPDATE March 25]

If you think that he needs to find a way to make money from this, you’re in luck. The Driving Crooner pin, inspired by I Think You Should Leave, will be rolling up to WonderCon in the for a this limited edition pin. Only 100 copies will be available at Booth #1130 so don’t delay.

The Driving Crooner – $10
Limited to 100 pieces.

Helldivers fans have so much to be excited about when they visit the Yesterdays booth, #1130, at WonderCon this weekend. All of these pins will be available for $10 each, but are limited to 200 pieces, so suit up and skedaddle.

War Medal – $10
Limited to 200 pieces

Super Earth – $10
Limited to 200 pieces

Kill Streak – $10
Limited to 200 pieces

Reinforcements – $10
Limited to 200 pieces

[UPDATE March 23]

Prepare to dive into the depths of excitement, as Yesterdays has revealed a new Helldivers pin headed to WonderCon at Booth #1130. It will be available for $10, and if inventory remains after the con, any leftovers will be released online.

[UPDATE March 17]

Gather your party, and venture over to the (not-so) Forgotten Realms, also known as Yesterdays Booth #1130, where you’ll find adventure, mythical creatures (or at least tired booth employees), and these RPG-inspired pins.

Mind Flayer – $10
Edition of 200

Barbarian – $10
Edition of 200

Rogue – $10
Edition of 200

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